Yamaha tenor sax altissimo finger chart

The fingering in the pdf are suggestions based on what I use. Different instruments will often prefer variations on the fingerings to get the best response and tuning. If you find a fingering that works well, then use it. There are many different possibilities for each note.

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Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. This 6 part video course gets delivered via email over a week. Enroll for Free Sign Me Up! Click below to watch the video version of this post: BetterSax altissimo fingering chart for alto and tenor sax. Front E fingering on alto and tenor saxophone. Front F fingering on alto and tenor saxophone. Altissimo F-sharp fingering on alto saxophone.

If anyone wants a copy, i'll be happy to send it to you. Just send me a PM with your email address.

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Life is too short for long tones Altos: Yanagisawa B with Barone neck Soprano: Yanagisawa SC Tenor: Originally Posted by soybean. For the Ctry the three palm keys. It's more in tune, for methan the high E fingering. T —2— 12— Eb. T ——— 1—3 Eb. T D ——3 ———. T D ——— ———. T 1—3 C Bb 1——. Great for baritone. T D 12— Bb — T —2— —2— Eb.

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T f——— 1——. T f——— ——3. T f——3 ———. An effective harmonic fingering.

Altissimo Chart for Yamaha YTS Tenor Saxophone – mediamagazin.info

Good for alto. T D 1—— Bb — T f—2— Bb ———.

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T f——3 Bb 12—. T f—2— Bb 1——. T f—2— G Bb ———. Stable for mp and louder on tenor and baritone models, and for mf and louder on alto models. T f— Bb —— ———. T f1 Bb —— Bb ———. T 1—3 Bb 1——. T 1—3 1—— Eb.

altissimo fingering chart on Yamaha tenors?

Good for tenor. T 1—— 12— Eb. T f——— 1——. T f——— Bb ———. Use in combination with G 6 or the range D 5 —Bb 5. T 12— f ———. In tune, easy response, and useful in fast passages. For all saxophone models. For alto models.

Lower Altissimo - Alternate Fingering Chart for Saxophone - The Woodwind Fingering Guide

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