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I think [Episode 9] is an example of that. But the focus will continue to be on absurd madcap premises. This will always be a premise-driven show.

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Going to the Liz episode, at what point in the writing process did you know you wanted to have an entire episode devoted to her? That was the first idea I had, probably. I always knew it would be fun to talk about dating from a different point of view. I always thought it would be interesting and useful to show dating from another angle.

But a lot of work went into figuring kianna jayde exactly what that episode would look like. A lot of the credit, most of the credit for the episode goes to Sofia Alvaraz, but Britt [Lower] also deserves a lot of credit, because she brought a lot of creative work to that as well. So doing it late in the season really helped you, in terms of knowing a lot about her character.

The character of Josh has a number of major flaws, but his biggest flaw is how self-absorbed he is.

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And every single minor problem for him full an enormous calamity. The show is always trying to give Josh a little women and satirize his point of view. And I think is probably our bluntest example of that. It literally starts off with Josh complaining about how hard it is to be a man, which of course is a movie thing to complain about given the extreme gender imbalance in this world.

Yeah, women it was so fun to shoot and Britt did such an amazing job taking over as the star of seeking show for a week. He also needed a break physically. It was nice to give him a chance to sleep for a night or two.

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Yeah, he was thrilled. And it was so exciting for everybody to shift gears for a week and make a completely different show. So I was wondering; is there a specific person Liz is based on? Is that person Sofia?

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Or is the character more an amalgam? I think that all the episodes are really personal for all of us. We try to draw on our personal lives when shaping the stories and premises. We try to only pitch premises that are universal and relatable to everyone. Were there other shows that inspired you to take on this shift in point of view? Oh totally, yeah. They take minor characters and give them meaning.

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