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While it takes a super brave woman to get a vagina tattoo because of the pain associated with that part of your body during the tattoo process, I realize that I, like so many other women, pay a professional to wax the pubic hair off of the vulva once a month for mere aesthetics. After seeing Madonna's own alleged vagina tattoo, I went on a little internet adventure scoping out other pubic region tattoo tattoo and designs that were out there waiting to be found. They did not make vagina cut, but if for laughs, you ever feel like seeing a vulva turned into Homer Simpson's mouth, you're only a Google search away!

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I can only hope that I found there is a temporary tattoo or Photoshop or something like that. The some of these pubic tattoos are so pretty, they've actually got me thinking about going under the needle again, myself.

It's sweet, simple, and totally unique. We can't take our eyes off this gorgeous design of vines and flowers that perfectly accentuate a woman's hips and draws your eyes down to the prize. This vagina tattoo is perfect if you are trying to get someone tattoo really loves art to also love performing cunnilingus on you.

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You have entered an incorrect email address! Most Discussed. April 23, 5 Comments. A great deal of meticulous artistry and thoughtful research is required to create a Read more. July 13, Comments. Shaving is just as effective for removing the hair, but as the hair the only shortened in length, it does grow back faster which can make the recovery process more irritating.

Do not get a wax on the same day as bad girls ink dvd tattoo, as tattoo will need to vagina the skin recover. Waxing the skin can leave it inflamed and irritated, this is a bad time to tattoo the skin no matter where it is located on the body. Let the skin recover before getting it tattooed. The artist will most likely still give it a quick shave to ensure that as much of the hair has been removed as possible.

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Going in with a full bush, would only make it more difficult to shave. Remove as much hair as possible from the area, even the surrounding area that is not being tattooed, as this will make it easier for the artist to tattoo mikayla xxx getting hair caught in their equipment. The artist is going to be having their face in your crutch while they do the tattoo, so try to clean yourself vagina much as possible prior to the appointment, especially during summer.

Trying to book in an appointment that coincides with that time of the month, can be difficult. If the day of the appointment is during your period, use a fresh tampon prior to attending the appointment. Most artists will allow you to take a break and change your feminine hygiene products.

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One thing that most people over looking when getting a tattoo, is the impact that it vagina have on both your exercise regiment and your sex best wife xxx. During the recover period, the tattoo may make it necessary to avoid physical tattoo. If vagina tattoo is in a location that will be exposed to constant friction or impact, the healing process could take even longer, if it is constantly exposed to external irritations.

The same thing applies to sex. Two bodies rubbing against each other, can cause friction across the healing tattoo. Not to mention the heat and the that can be generated in the area, could cause unpleasant sensations. Bodily fluids that get into the healing tattoo of the tattoo, can also cause infections.

This includes not only intercourse, but also oral sex and masturbation. Ask your artist how long should you need to wait. They may advise a time frame, or given the location of the the, what you will need to watch out for. Inked Society. Check out these above-the-vag tattoos for a sexy, yet discreet, vag tat.

The Girl with the Vagina Tattoo

The Girl with the Vagina Tattoo. Tattooed by Bed Bugs.

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