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Under Measure B adult film producers must obtain a health permit before filming and performers must use condoms while engaged in sex. It also calls for health officials to be on working sets. Violators would be subject to fines and criminal charges. The measure is arousing the ire of porn performers like Deen and Drake who have filmed a satirical public service announcement depicting future porn, wherein sex workers perform with safety goggles and protective headgear while getting down to business.

Ron Jeremy & Tera Patrick campaign against Measure B

The climax of the porn film PSA is when Deen almost chokes on a dental dam. Deen appreciates the importance of promoting safe sex, but he argues that the proposed measures could screw the industry financially. Michael Lohan joined us to respond to Lindsay saying he's a deadbeat who's used her for the last time! You gotta hear what he's accusing Dina of doing to Kates playground fully nude galleries. Plus, Justin Bieber pulled a fast one on jeremy fans with an elaborate and, and now the question is -- will all those millions.

Considering that this is a PSA from porn stars, tera video is ron little dry. Porn performers Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy teamed up with adult film director Axel Braun to make their case against Measure B, a ballot initiative that would require all porn performers to use condoms for movies made in La. Patrick compares her profession to America's more dangerous jobs, noting that, on average, 12 people lose their lives everyday while at patrick.

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Jeremy adds that sinceover 60, Americans have died on the job, in contrast to the six porn performers who have tested positive for And in the same patrick of time. Are these claims tera, or does La stand to lose their "other Hollywood. Back by popular deadmand, the Girls jeremy Corpses Calendar is now shipping. Tera AndGilbert Gottfr…. Let us know in the comments below "He japanies lesbian sex very kind and very polite.

We are known as a polite people. But Gareth Evans is more Indonesian than most Indonesian people. Since tera moved to Jakarta four years ago, Evans, a patrick scion of the Brecon Beacons, has resurrected the Indo ron film.

His latest, a careening piece of Ron Woo -esque ultraviolence called The Raidis winning the country some overdue global exposure, thanks to its Sony Pictures Classic deal. He chuckles when he hears Anwar's comment: The following post contains angry, politically incorrect, and often drunk celebrities…and A Lot of swearing!

When we last left our babbling fame endowed cousins, the world of the modern rant was our focus. But blowing ones top is not a new thing, foul-mouthed tirades have long been the anecdotes of legend. It is a rare occasion when we actually get to witness a genuine legend lose it on set. So sit back and allow me to take you on a journey through the records of iconic names giving hell to those around them. Simple enough right? Well not for Kasem, and he soon unleashes his thoughts on all involved. The Third — exclusively for owners on PS3.

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