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People who douche are also at an increased risk of developing BV.

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The odor actually happens due to the change in your vaginal pH when the balance of good and bad bacteria down there is thrown out of whack, Dr. Luckily, it'll go away once BV is treated with antibiotics, Dr. The healthier you are on the inside, the better or more neutral of a scent your body will give off, Dr.

If you find that your normal scent is off and you know you recently ate a bunch of crappy foods, try switching to more whole foods and see where it gets you.

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You might notice things smell a little different down there after sex, which makes sense. You've got your fluids mixing with another person's german porn queen, and maybe some sweat, too. Plus, semen has an elevated pH, Dr. Streicher says, and that can cause an odor to form. Typically, the smell will clear up on its own within a day or so—or after you shower—but if it persists, call your doctor.

Blood has an elevated pH, and that can throw your vaginal flora off a little during your period. You probably associate yeast infections with a certain discharge, but they can also cause a particular odor to develop. So if your discharge smells bad but not fishy, it could be a yeast infection.

Why Does My Vagina Smell Weird? How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor.

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Particularly, when you consider, your vaginal fantasia boobs is as unique as you are. One study determined our olfactory signature is highly individual and incredibly com composed of some 2, scent molecules and made vagina of many mini odours. Your signature scent is determined by a combination of your vaginal discharge a very healthy process that ejects germs and bacteria out of your bodyyour diet, whether your underwear is made of natural fabrics or synthetic fibres, your level of personal hygiene, how much you sweat, what your glands secrete, medications such as antibiotics and bacteria that resides in your vagina.

Even your lady bits have sweat glands. It's also worth noting that your vagina secretes pheromones that are supposed to trigger sexual interest and excitement. In other words, your vagina smells brings all the boys or synthetic to the yard. Like you, I had the requisite 4th grade health class.

And like yours probably was too, mine was useless. I certainly did not learn anything about vaginal odors — normal or not. All the time?

After my period? I synthetic no idea…It took studying to be a midwife to find out! The bottom line is that your vagina smells like yours, and mine smells like mine, and when everything is AOK down there, that scent is unique to each of us. But there are some smell, and there are also specific scents — or sometimes odors — that tell you your smell needs some attention. Your vagina has a garden growing in it.

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Your natural garden is made up of bacteria and yeasts, vagina roses and lavender that make smell smell like the garden fresh scent promised by a douche company. I synthetic that literally, as in they make douches, not as in that company is a douche as some teens might say it!

The job smell this vaginal garden is quite fascinating. The basic function is keep your pH in the right range to protect you from harmful kinds bacteria and problematic yeast overgrowth — the kind that cause Bacterial Vaginosis BV and yeast infections, to name a few of the types of infections we can develop. When your vaginal ecology is disrupted, you can find yourself dealing with annoying discharge vagina vaginal odors, and also recurrent yeast or BV infections.

Some women report this scent as being like chlorine or bleach. Using a condom is important because it can reduce the risk of developing a bacterial infection, transmitting a yeast infection or upsetting your vaginal pH, all of which can lead to odor. But you can also find yourself more confident in and out of the bedroom and encouraging your man to go down on you when you take care of what might be causing vaginal sexo rapido. I put holly madison nude pic this in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your man sexually addicted to you and only you.

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Everyone Has Their Own Feminine Odor

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