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I have no reason to think this. Troll war paint serves several purposes. The first is ceremonial - the colors and lines all have meaning, i.

The second is intimidation - a scary visage unnerves enemies and gives trolls an advantage in combat. I present to you, Zelun'jin!

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He was so fun to draw, thank you so much for letting me draw him! Originally posted by doafhat. The way you draw trolls is really awesome. RecklessJester Hobbyist General Artist.

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Lol XD I could imagine my troll hunter in the background, drooling over him. I could too! Lol Do you play often? Not as much as I once did: No time for it?

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AtheneNocturna Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Thank you, thank you. I absolutely love it when someone has the intrest to really write about the pic. Know this: You have just now brighten my all so lowsy day!

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Thank you once more. You're more than welcome! I don't often comment, because usually when I do it ends up kind of lengthy and rambling, but I'm an avid troll fan, so I just had to put in my two cents worth! Glad you found it so uplifting!

Khazzam Hobbyist Digital Artist. I'm so in love Definately a fave. Ryua Hobbyist General Artist. Oh, well, that is so cool! Very sexy indeed! Linkmaster2k3 posted I agree.

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Its pretty annoying when I come across one of the few non belf female horde races, and they all have that stupid derpy looking face. You didnt pick horde to be pretty, now pick a proper scary face. The wow female Troll face sexy actually the ugliest, I've never understood why so many people use it The other faces are way sexier Small minds discuss people.

Since when are Trolls furry?

Well, except in the lore where they're supposed to be covered with fine fur, if that's still a thing. But wow, these are just cute monstergirls soaked in blood, and with hardly any clothes on. They're well within the range of what many people would find attractive. For a rare few, they might even be exactly their type. It's really no sexy than having a thing for Draenei. Jan 19, 6. Jan 20, 5. Jan trolls, 3. I know, i'm weird amater cool I think their feet are adorable.

Don't worry Troll ladies, poppy Stronghold still loves you.