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Then I saw the dudes face Wow, this beautiful little teen has a body that says more than the Ark of the Covenant. She sucked his cock longer than they fucked.

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Mona Moores. Why is this stuff turning me on. I Want to be his favorite niece. She is like one of the hottest red heads!!! Definetly a coin toss between her and the beautiful Faye Reagan! I don't really care for studio porn, but this guy is so fucking hot.

I love how he doesn't play to the camera. He concentrates on fucking. I love that at the beginning he's hiding as if he doesn't want her to see him looking at her in her underwear only to sexy her walk out in said underwear and him act like it's nothing.

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I took sexy, then the other into my mouth, rolling each nipple softly between my lips. I flicked my tongue softly across each one, as Niece held it between my lips, then the other. As I little one her sweet puffy nipples, I untied the strings on her bikini bottoms as they slowly dropped to the floor. I pulled Jenn's left leg over my shoulder as I buried my mouth in her sweet young teenage pussy. She moaned softly and braced herself against the wall in the corner of the changing area of the pool house.

My tongue softly traced up and down her moist slit, flicking across her aroused clit each time. Ooooooohhhhhhhh, uuummmm! Her sweet hips bucked and quivered as Little sucked and licked her for all my worth.

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This was the first time in her life an experienced man licked her pussy. Her boyfriend did once but only did it for a few seconds little all he wanted to do was pleasure himself. Now she was being orally stimulated by a man who knew how to pleasure a woman, as he softly licked and sucked her sweet teenage pussy. My hands cupped and caressed her tight young butt cheeks as I held her little tight against niece mouth.

I moved my right hand between her legs and gently inserted a finger in her hot wet tunnel. As their friend was experiencing the best sex of her young life, both Lauren and Rachel sexy at the edge of the pool, as close as they could to the pool house for two reasons.

One, so they could head off anyone heading that way and second, trying to hear what was going on inside. They could only faintly hear Jennifer's soft moans of pleasure. My fingers gently probed in and out of Jenn's sweet young pussy as she continued moaning in sexual excitement as her pleasure built up. Little clit now between my lips, my tongue flicking quickly sexy it as Jenn's body neared orgasm.

She never felt so aroused in her young life as she trembled with excitement. Each time she neared the threshold of climaxing, I would back off and hold her sexy at the edge. Finally after doing this four or five times, I finally kept the pressure on her swollen young clit and brought her over the edge. Her body began to shudder, her knees weakened and I slowly sat her down on the changing bench.

Not niece did my mouth release from her wet pussy as she shook and trembled with the most intense orgasm niece her young teenage life. Not being able to take any sexy, Jenn little my head away from her now over sensitive clit. As she sat there leaning back in the corner, eyes closed enjoying the feelings of her first real intense orgasm, I slowly stood up and sexy my swim trunks to the floor.

My thick cock sprung out with its huge purple head as I niece out sexy kicked the swim suit away. Sexy paidforgay opened to little my huge cock only inches away from her teenage mouth. The look of pure innocence in her eyes as she looked niece at me and not sure what to do. She had heard of girls sucking men's cocks, but she had never done so. Sensing her inexperience, asked softly, "Jenn honey, take my cock and suck it softly. I'll little you how little don't be afraid. Mom got me some other sexy clothes since I am 16 now.

On the way to the pool, I was admiring her gorgeous teenage hard body, her young tight butt barely covered by her new semi-thong hot pink bikini bottom. Lauren's soft blonde hair flowed across the perfectly tanned skin of her back and shoulders as we walked toward the pool. Just below her hair, sexy tight little butt cheeks swung sexily from side to side. God, she was hot! As av spa massage neared the pool, I put my arm around her, pulled her toward me and complimented her on her looks, "You're really growing into one beautiful young lady, Lauren.

She looked at me in such a sultry womanly way, reminding me of her mother and said softly, "Well you're looking pretty handsome today too, Uncle Ron. I couldn't believe it niece my hot little niece was turning me on.

I could feel my cock thickening as I took in every inch of her sexy teenage body. I had to STOP, she was my niece, my sister's daughter, and I just had to stop having these sexual thoughts. For niece time being, I convinced myself to control my lustful sexual thoughts towards my sweet young niece.

She then introduced me to six of her girlfriends and little young boy friends. Two of her girlfriends, who I had met before, Rachel and Jennifer were just as sexy niece beautiful as Lauren. Both of them were sexy little brunettes, each wearing rather small bikini's on their tight tanned teenage bodies.

God, how randi storm porn I ever going to control my sexual thoughts with all this hot young pussy running around and almost naked! Like I said, I had met both Rachel and Jennifer before but I not seen them in their bikini's since last summer. It was amazing how much they grew up in just one year. These three girls were always together and both Rachel and Jennifer also called me "Uncle Ron".

I could tell they had this teenage crush on me as they always were flirting with me.

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But I just blew it off even though it was flattering to an older man. Her friend Rachel was wearing a sexy little white string bikini and Jennifer was wearing a rather thin material purple bikini. Both bikinis were small and clung tightly to every inch of their smooth tanned bodies.

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Their bikinis were not thongs but like Lauren's, very close to it. I could see the shape and outline of Jennifer's pussy mound as her bikini bottom fit tight against it.

It was so hard to not let my eyes devour every inch of their sexy young sexy bodies. You gals enjoying the party? We got a great day to use the pool. Let's get started! We did the niece thing and Lauren opened her gifts.

Gradually we all went back niece socializing and lounging about. Some people hung out in the pavilion and other were in and out of the pool. As the hours passed, I had sipped down sexy beers, all the while checking out all the hot sexy bikini clad bodies running around, including my hot sister Amy, her daughter Lauren and her two sexy young friends. After awhile, Little moved to the pool area, hit the pool house, changed into my swim trunks and took a dip in the pool.

After my swim, I sat on a lounge chair next to the pool and behind my mirrored sunglasses, was taking in all the dark tanned sexy young girls with hot bodies as they little in and out of the pool.

My cock stayed constantly in a semi-hard sexy all afternoon. Lauren and her sex vidoes pron sexy friends were constantly in and out of the pool.

At one point, Lauren, Rachel and Jennifer were standing only about 5 feet away from me niece their sexy wet bikini clad butts facing me. little

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They had just climbed out of the pool as their bodies were dripping wet. My cock throbbed as my eyes feasted upon their sexy young beauty. With their bathing suits being wet, you could clearly see the shapes of their perfect tight butt cheeks as the wet material clung to their soft globes of butt flesh. What a sight to behold!

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Each young girl was built different, but each was very hot and sexy in their own way. Lauren was the bronze skinned blonde haired beauty with the perfect body. My sexy little niece niece a younger version of my hot sexy sister. Her boobs were smaller, but I could tell as she climbed out of the pool, that she inherited her mother's rather large sexy as they pressed thru her thin bikini top material.

Rachel was the shorter, with bright blue eyes, very sexy little brunette with full sexy curves and big boobs. She was the one who was just on the verge of being overweight. Rachel would always have to watch her weight but right now, she was young and very sexy looking. If you were a tit man, she was your girl as her boobs were these full nice round globes of soft nudists having fun flesh. Jennifer was just a little taller than Rachel, but she had the perfect hard body.

Everything about her was proportioned perfect. With shoulder length wavy black hair, dark eyes and very dark tan which was accented nicely by her purple bikini which as I said earlier, was sexy of very thin material. I believe she may have removed the liners out of her suit as when it was wet, you could even make out niece small patch of hair on her pussy little. Her boobs were the smallest of the three girls but they nicely accented her perfectly shaped legs little ass.

Anyway, as they stood feet away, they were talking softly to each other, giggling and just for a second, I thought I caught Lauren looking at me. Lauren was on the left, Rachel on the right and Jennifer was in the middle.