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According to Rihanna, the feud with Queen B is all made up by the media she said in her latest interview. Apparently they went bowling that night, she dressed up as Kylo Ren from Star Wars and he dressed up as an adorable penguin. They started dating in July ofbut were first seen making out in June in Ibiza by a pool.

Hopefully this will be a short affair so we all can get a chance to put our filthy paws on this woman! Hmmmm… I wonder if Chris Brown is going to get pissed off and create drama in the social media world because he is jealous of this new guy.

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It takes a very special talent to make someone as hot as fucking Rihanna look ugly and kinda fat. Bravo, guys, you did it. Huge props to Riri for promoting her own brand in such a way. Man oh man, Riri looks anna lovato amazing.

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Erotic Rihanna pictures — Savage X Fenty promo photoshoot. Goddamit, Riri is so freaking sexy, talented, young, and successful. Enjoy the pics! Erotic Rihanna photos — Savage x Fenty promo pictures. We really love Rihanna and you should her as well.

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How about all the motherfuckers who got rich ripping off average Joes? How about the Kardashians who made billions off a porn video and their stupid reality show? Saggy boobs and hard nipples, hard as my cock! Folks, Rihanna is not stupid at all.

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She is doing everything on the purpose. Rihanna is among the other celebrities that are going with see through clothes style. Riri on the pics uncensored looking very sexy and she is really in love with her boobs. On one pic she is in a see through dress where we can see her tits and nipples clearly and on other she is squeezing her tits and slight of her nipple-areola pops out!

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