Peeing in the locker room

Louise leads some of the best discussions there. I also take all the pee polls I can find. Its not very often I go swimming, Ive never been one for going to gyms mostly I will just go in the showers or the pool, but Ive peed in changing cubicals, normally aimiung striaght on the floor mistress training male slave against a wall and Ive also peed in room gap between some lockers.

While I have to agree that most of those who post stories on these pages must have some sort of fascination with this, the results of their polls are at least somewhat accurate in peeing view. I first searched on the topic back more than 10 years ago when I overheard my teenage sons speaking about pissing on the floor of their school gym locker room.

At the time I was concerned they'd get in trouble if they were to get caught. Not wanting to ask friends, family members or certainly not school coaches, I took to the internet. When I first started seeing the voting on my poll and the comments left I was in disbelief. I then went to mothering and parenting web sites and got similar responses. I noticed a book at the local bookstore, "Do you do it with the lights on?

I presume they were the about private showers, but are we any more clean in public restrooms than our own? If we are surrounded by strangers we might be hesitant to do so, but if you're alone or with close friends? I later asked peeing boys coach hypothetically what would happen if he caught boys doing so and he just laughed and said, "that's fairly common for boys, don't worry about them. My 70 year old father didn't seem to see a problem with it and my mom said, "oh, I'm sure all guys do that honey, I'm sure your brothers did the I know your father does.

Now I'm sure not everyone does this and I'm sure there are places where many are hesitant to do so, but I'm sure that when no one's looking most people do pee there. One option is to talk to your regular doctor about trying medication. There are many options for different types of social anxiety. Alternatively, you could see a mental health specialist. Ask about cognitive therapy for social anxiety disorders.

It can be useful to ask your primary doctor, or a close friend, to refer someone they trust. Know the etiquette. Maybe you do not have paruresis. Maybe you just have an aversion to locker rooms. In that case, you can make sure you are aware of proper locker room etiquette to try to make yourself more comfortable. For example, locker not try to room in-depth conversations at the urinal.

Also, do not urinate in the shower. For the most part, just use your manners. Method 2. Time your visit. KarolHerrera I am nasty that's all I can say. Gold Show. SexyEyes69me Flag This Video. Reason optional: Show some locker. Login Signup.

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We were all sitting in the classroom practicing our letters or whatnot when I felt something warm down my leg. Room my shoe and sock got all wet, and a puddle formed under my desk.

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Someone noticed something, and asked if I had just peed, but I played it cool and denied it. The teacher came over. She the me out of the classroom. I had to strip down outside in the hall and wash myself in peeing huge drinking fountain.

Nov 10, 2, 0 0 29 Iowa. One time my brother stood on our kitchen counter and peed off onto the floor. I don't think I ever pulled anything like that. Foshy Member. May 6, 6, 0 Zurich, Switzerland. Last year, I went to Paris with some friends. Long story short, I told my friends locker cover me from the looks of other pedestrians and pissed on a tree right next to a populated street where cars were room at a street light, no fucks given.

I noticed a dude looking at trinidad nude photos from the his car, laughing and giving me a thumbs up. Thinking back, that was kinda fucked up. Me and my friends obviously thought that it was hilarious, but I didn't feel like it was a big deal then. I guess I could probably have got arrested for that.

Arkos Nose how to spell and rede to. My buddy likes to tell the story of how they got really drunk one time in high school, and he wakes up to our other friend standing there in the middle of the room peeing on a lamp.

Apparently he thought he was in a bathroom for some reason lol. Also we have a friend who apparently habitually shat himself while drunk, but that's a different story Edit: The the hell do I have so many stories about people defecating on the floor??

Nov 23, 4, 0 0 Madrid, Spain. The effect of opiates. But you were peeing for 20 straight minutes or short bursts in a 20 minute total? Iacobellis Junior Member. Jun 25, 10, 0 Connecticut. Crayons said: Phire Phox Banned. Dec 20, 5, 0 0. I peed in the trash can in my kitchen once when I was really young. Trying for 20 minutes to pee. Then a normal pee. Also, morgan black movies is awesome that you are clean now. The last row of lockers became a sort of "peeing" area, as they are more secluted, and the floor there is always "wet".

Forunately the pee smell is not strong, as they room the floor tiwce a day hosing with water pump. My friend has a cousin in elena heiress pov lifeguard team, and she told locker that the lifeguards of both sex use to pee in their changing room, as it is much more handly that reaching the toilets. I admit that sometimes, even if I pee more frequently in the shower, I peed in the locker room myself, while my room and my peeing pee peeing quite often.

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My friend pee in the locker room even in precence of thick old cock children, while I prefer they don't see me doing it. And just because lots of people do it doesn't mean it's safe or inoffensive.

In much of the world men and boys ALSO find this behavior offensive and they don't do it, so it's not a "guy thing. I do think that if we mothers taught our sons best hygiene possible we wouldn't have as many men who urinate on other people's homes and foul public and private spaces.

If this upsets mothers of boys, I'm sorry, and since I don't have a son myself perhaps it could be considered that I don't have a right to speak out on this issue. My husband and my daughter's partner are very much opposed to many of the toileting habits they see in the men of the US, as I am. I intend that my opinion is for the benefit and consideration of mothers of boys for constructive social relations for these young men and those they live among now and in their futures.

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Last edited peeing pumabearclan; at I'm a mom to two young boys and I can't say that Free anal porno pics would encourage them to pee anywhere other than a toilet, but like other posters have said, there are emergencies and circumstances where the shower may actually be the most appropriate place for them to go the a public place.

Its not a huge deal in room opinion, but its not something I'd want my kids to make a habit of doing outside of emergencies. If there is a toilet available, use it. My experience has been more of having a squirmy kid about to wet the back seat and having to pull over on the highway to let him pee outside. We've curbed the peeing in waste baskets or into the bathtub while standing outside of it for fun type of stuff a few years back.

Now if they pee anywhere other than a toilet, its only because locker an emergency and a toilet is not available. Its not an ideal situation, but it happens.