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Blog 83 of Back Next. Nov I'm intrigued by the pantyhose encasement as its something I've never tried and I'm not one to turn down the chance of a new experience. People must blog a number of methods But what works best?? Now legs are obvious. For arms I guess there are a few choices But does this not lead to a big diagonal bunch crossed over the chest??? I'm guessing putting encasement strategic holes in some is inevitable.

Your advice is appreciated. I went out today and purchased a 3 pack of tights from the local supermarket. Having never done this before I get the feeling I've not got the right style.

Pure mature sexy largest size they had was XL and while this is ok, they are not high waist so I end up with a rather large gap pantyhose legs and top.

I assume a high waist style will have filled the gap?? For the upper half I split the crotch so I could wear them like a t-shirt. Can anybody offer some advice please?

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Vixien Senior Member. Aug I'm about your size and have same problem. It's almost impossible to find pantyhose long enough. Dec By coincidence I've just posted my Encasement Self-bondage adventure - it might help a little. What really works for me are the pantyhose bodysuits that you can buy off eBay search for pantyhose sheath or pantyhose suit MJ.

Pantyhose Encasement

Thanks for the comments guys. The pack I got was 80D, and while they felt great and snug I'm starting to thing they may have been a little too heavy duty to stretch as much as they needed to for my size. I'm glad I didn't get too packs straight away. May get some more lighter weight ones next week and try again. Apr One of your arms will go through this hole. Your other arm will go through this hole. I like this technique because it creates a snug fit and doesn't come off easily. If you picked the right sized tights, they should cover your entire torso.

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Then you can complete the encasement by covering your bottom half with more tights. Oh, and here's a diagram of the technique, with the addition of a 3rd pair for your top half using a head hole: Thanks for the info Helpless85, that's the exact sort of stuff I was looking for.

I tried again last night and got closer, presumably by putting them on blog as I was actually able to achieve an over encasement in the torso, but it's under a lot of tension and not very pantyhose Only cm I definitely need to find some XXL high waist ones for it to work.