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You're not gonna get a yard job with no experience. You will spend more a lot more time in reverse than forward. You have to back in that 53' with swing doors around the front of a crooked longnose OTR rig, without hitting his truck, the trailer, or anything else. Oh, and there's a row of dropped trailers opposite. You may have to make and break sets for doubles, or move their dollies around fun with only a front pintle hook. You're sitting on the motor, in a cab with tons of glass, ottawa marginal or nonexistant air conditioner, and quite hustler no heat either.

You have to pull trailers out, drop them, put yard trailers in shipping and receiving doors, keeping hundreds of trailers straight in your capacity if you don't have a computer system in the truck.

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You're probably the one out in the yard with bolt cutters, trying to snap that stubborn bolt or cable seal. And this in any weather You won't gain weight here. And, the best part?

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How's that you say? Ever been reamed out because your delay getting a trailer to a receiving door idled an entire dock crew for 20 minutes?

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And you wonder why they go 40 miles an hour across the yard JPennMay 12, Shaggydavetiowj76ny and 1 other person Thank this. He always pulls my pre-loaded trailers out of the parked spot, it's so tight I can hardly squeeze in between the trailers. Plus, the landing gear is usually left up too high so that it's very hard to get started lowering with 45k of beer in the trailer, so, he pulls it out and leaves the trailer up and I can start lowering the landing gear before he drops it. Scooter JonesMay 12, Blind DriverMay 12, Masonlift supplies all manner of material handling equipment including Ottawa yard trucks.

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Suppliers can add options like galvanized frame rails for seaside operations, heaters for colder climates, deeper drive ratios for heavy or hilly applications, and more. Used yard trucks are an option, too. The trucks will last 20 years or more, but the older the truck, the higher the maintenance costs. And trucks built to earlier emissions standards are in short supply.


Small light-duty operations will get by just fine with a used truck. Your choice of power will likely be diesel, but in there are alternatives and good reasons to look at alternatives. To get around the hassles and expense associated with Tier 4 engines, some yard tractor manufacturers went to gasoline engines, but those lacked the torque to get the job done.


Enter the electric yard tractor. Such trucks certainly do not require emissions equipment, and in many cases could qualify for government incentives for environmentally friendly vehicles.

But do they work? These trucks are almost exactly the same as a diesel yard truck except for the powertrain. Truck Type DOT, 4x2 or 4x6. I agree with storage and handling of my data by this website. By submitting this form you will be scheduling a equipment rental carmen maccarthy will be contacted within 24 hours by our rental coordinator. Sunday Closed Monday 8: Have a Questions? Call Today! Request car price Yard Truck Rentals.