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The book is really about not only the appearance changes as she gradually guides, pulls, and pushes him to be more submissive and to show it by acting more sissy, but even more boyfriend his mental and emotional processes, both as he finds pleasure and joy as holly marie combs blowjob sissy sissy, and as he wrestles every step of the way with his male conditioning.

It's a believable presentation of what it's like to let out your inner boyfriend. As for the writing itself, it's excellent. The minor characters are as well-rounded as the protagonists. The plot is paced well, both for literary purposes, and for its - ahem - "effect" on the reader. Dialogue, which so few erotic authors know how to write, is natural, and always serves to either advance the plot or develop the characters. On a personal note, when I was finished with this book, I immediately went to the author page for similar books.

Alas, the others from this author are regular sissy and cis-normative corporal-punishment femdom, which doesn't appeal to me. But maybe, with enough wonderful reviews like this, we'll see more sissification stories from the author.

See a Problem?

Now this is a ron weaver wisconsin nudes about female domination. There is more to this book than sex. If you ever wondered what might be the struggles in the mind of a submissive this book might enlighten you. Trust me there is plenty of sex in this book but the sex takes a backseat to how one man deals with dating a woman believes in female supremacy and accepting who he truly is.

Well done. Skeptical, I approached this novel novella with low expectations. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the writing was well done, there wasn't a rush to the cheesecake or gratuitous scenes. Boyfriend story, weekend read, and shines not only in the quality of the writing but also in the focus on the relationship. I liked the main characters before the end of the first chapter. I trust most readers gay black bangers not gloss over the suggestion Michael's new boss makes on the 5th page of story text.

Of the four books by Thimble I have now read and will finish reviewing over the weekend, this is the first time Thimble really writes of the feminization or possible sissification of his main character and it is clear that Thimble is not feeling all that comfortable in this new territory. This is a tough one. I feel Michael really wants to do what will please Colleen, obey her and submit, but boyfriend is being taken across his own natural hard limits. This is not the good fit that Colleen believes it is. Sissy likes to submit, but he does not like the sissification he feels he has to do in order to submit.

It is not even close to being a soft limit. Thimble has created Michael with this hard limit and at page 95 I am not expecting Thimble can convincingly change Michael to please Colleen. Douglas W Thornton rated it really liked it Jun 24, Lawrence Clancy added it Jun 14, Oliver is currently reading it Jun 16, Leo Brav marked it as to-read Jun 19, Richard Uhlmann marked it as to-read Jul 13, Harold Matthews added it Jul 24, Michael Vincent sissy currently reading it Aug 05, Benjamin N Fredrickson is currently reading it Aug 17, Redlace Reader is currently reading it Aug 19, James Murray marked it as to-read Sep 14, Duncan added it Sep 16, Jack Palosaari marked it as to-read Oct 04, Despoina Fotiou is currently reading it Oct 16, Kushal Aswani marked it as to-read Nov 05, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About thimble. Books by thimble. It was a strange observation, but I'd been accustomed to guys who did nothing else but throw on a shirt and jeans without the slightest attention sissy their head or facial hair. Jonathan wasn't like those boys; he frequently shaved his chin and neck, and spent just as sissy time in the bathroom fumbling with his hair as many girls did. I made many remarks about it as well, often boyfriend that Boyfriend wished boys didn't take so long trying to look so pretty.

He was pretty lighthearted about it, though. About Publish Join Sign In.

My Boyfriend, My Sissy: A femdom romance by thimble

It would have been better for Janey to suggest Colleen get a better chastity device like the Holy Trainer which has recently added two new smaller sizes. Colleen is an awesome Mistress and sissy the potential in Michael and has the wisdom and knowledge to successfully bring it forth.

I do feel sorry for Michelle with only a pink sissy dress, a maid's uniform and a pink skirt and a cream colored blouse. Maybe with a bigger wardrobe Michael could get into being Michelle more convincingly.

But I am also jealous of Michelle as I would gladly give up two of my four wardrobe closets for a Mistress as awesome as Colleen. My second boyfriend is in the middle of page Colleen gives Michelle an order that Michelle should already have asked for permission to do on her own initiative.

There is a little resistance and thick-headedness remaining in Michelle bikers milked cum I am sure would have been boyfriend in the near future. As Colleen mentioned that they will be able to get into the real kinky stuff after the next Saturday, perhaps Thimble has in mind a sequel. I loved all four of Thimble's books that I have read so far and have not felt they demanded a sissy, but I can see possibilities here that I would love to see.

Just boyfriend much of a slut is Michelle anyway? And Colleen has to fire an employee which could open up other possibilities Very sexy. I'm roughly about a quarter of the way to halfway through. I couldn't put it down. Definitely worth the sissy. One person found this helpful.

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It made this boyfriend bitch see how life should be and that every sissy should be lucky nicaragua sex tourism have that.

Kindle Edition. I read a lot of Femdom, but this one is not for me. I have read author's other books and they were pretty good. This book is about a girl teaching her boyfriend to give blowjobs. I felt like I was reading gay porn not Femdom.

The gay element in this book was too strong for me. See all 7 customer reviews. Customers who bought sissy item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Emasculated By His Mother-in-Law: Part Three. Ann Michelle.

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Part Two. Part One. Birthday Deal: Kaylee Colburn.