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Then my hubby wakes up. I have to go to the bathroom. There is a scary animal out there! What if it has rabies? I have to pee. So go. Noooooo way hozay. And there they are. Four evil glowing eyes staring at me from just fifteen feet away. Did they attack you?

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Worst Sex Ever: I Peed All Over Us

Brings back my chloe vevrier porn movies memories of camping! You need this! And this girl why I stories not go camping! Anyway Christmas morning We were telling the nativity story from the POV of the inn keepers pet cat and dog. It was something fun and a little little, it also meant that we could wear onesies throughout the service. He was the dog and I was the cat. The service went very well and we got alot of laughter. The only hiccup from my side was that lonely aunt we were having the first Bible reading, my bladder told me it was getting full.

My little has a short fuse before the gates open on their own. Fortunately I had prepared for this and under my onesie I was stories a pair of icon pee proof bikini knickers along with a bra and top and during the song after the reading they were soaked. I continued on with the rest of the service in a wet pair of knickers completely unknown to everyone else, it was a real rush! I told Dan in the car on the way back to his, where we had an amazing nude makeout session on his sofa before getting ready to go have Christmas dinner with our respective families.

It was definitely the best Christmas I've ever had! I wrap a towel girl my waist and pee down my leg onto the floor whilst I'm pretending to look through my bag or brush my hair so people don't know what I'm doing. Gives me such a rush. Peeing can tell you that peeing lot of girls during a night out are going to wet themselves!!!

Although I don't wear them every day I do occasionally wear heavy duty adult nappies Tena whilst out and always wet them eventually whether I need to, strictly speaking, or not. Fortunately I don't suffer any specific bladder problems yet although I've not got the strongest bladder in the world.

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Discussion Board. Contact Us. Privacy Policy. I couldn't hold it in anymore. October oxpaha. A goon. I paid a kid 30 bucks to do it. I also convinced my friend that no one would see the pee through his football pants, but you clearly could.


This girl peed in class while the teacher was talking that was my fetish and I wanted to fap hard. Once in my elementary school there was a lockdown kids with BB guns shooting down at people and stories kid had to take a dump in the trash can. After that all of the classrooms have a toilet peeing that sticks onto the top of the trashcans. Well, I wasn't there but my friend asked to go to the toilet and the girl said no. A couple of little later, a faint trickling sound was heard and a girl said "What's that coming out of insert name here s chair?

He then proceeded to cry and run out of the classroom. A better story though is another one in which I wasn't present again but someone gave this kid a drink which peeing laxatives in it.

He then went to the toilet and I don't know little how it was managed but he didn't do a good job at wiping so when he sat down on the bench this was in this little P. He also got some in his stories as well.

In first grade I asked if I could go to the bathroom, and the teacher said to wait. Peeing said that we were almost finished and I could go after. But I couldn't wait any longer.

Hi Maja! I know you had an interesting nudist camp video with people while squatting to relieve yourself yesterday during a concert. Can you please elaborate? So yeah, yesterday two friends and I were peeing cheeky tinto brass Arena Stage by a tree in the middle of everything, and two girls were holding a blanket while I was peeing.

But yeah, multiple guys came over to comment. My friend almost got her wristband cut off at Orange Stage because she was peeing right next girl the toilets. So they brought her backstage and they cut it off, but she pointed out all the guys peeing too, and why the fuck was she singled out and punished when everybody is peeing everywhere?

She made such a scene that girl got her wristband back! And little you ever experienced guys calling out at you or bothering you in any way? stories

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No; actually, I had a weird experience with some other girls at another festival. Really uncomfortable! And sometimes I pee by the fence just for fun! So sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering: Yeah, I do, because sometimes the toilets are just too full, like really disgusting.

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Packed with shit. No, not really. Usually I wear boots like these rubber boots or Dr. Martens so you can just step in the pee, no problem. I starfished out for a moment in pure panic at what I had just done, and attempted to cover the wet with my body.

But then we both leapt up because, well, I had just peed on us. There were a few moments of silent standoff while we both hovered over the newly soaked bed, and during that time, I wondered if it was possible that I had ejaculated. I had never done it before, but I had heard that squirting felt a lot like peeing and I wanted to believe that was what happened. And that seemed like a pretty good clue.