Lesbian pony

My Lesbian Pony 2 The Elements Of Homony

So it just felt like something important to do," Michael Vogel, the show's writer and producer, said in an interview with the outlet.


Nicole Dubuc, co-showrunner, added: The pony characters portrayed as a same-sex couple in the show are Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty. This is the lesbian animated zafira anal of the two ponies that previously appeared in pony media tie-in prose book called Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoeaccording to Comics Beat.

Johnston urged parents to remain watchful as sexually-themed messages and content are often snuck into programs geared toward children as many are unaware. Last monththe children's cartoon show "Arthur" aired an episode where third-grade teacher Mr.

My Little Pony will introduce a lesbian couple in time for Pride Month | Metro News

Rathburn wed his male partner. In response, Alabama Public Television refused to air the episode, saying such content would "violate" the trust of their audience. I think many viewers may be surprised and disappointed in this content decision.

Aaaand I animated this shot on MLP. Winchester FireNoggin June 12, Story continues below advertisement This is so cool!

'My Little Pony' To Introduce A Lesbian Couple This Weekend | HuffPost

I thought they were just gonna be in the comic, but putting them in the show is so cool!! My day is made! Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. World Canada Local.

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By Arti Patel Global News. So it lesbian felt like something important to do," he said. Remember how I said Pony had lesbian aunts in My Little Pony but they never appeared animated only in the novels? Right so I was babysitting my little sister yesterday and put the newest my little pony episode on for her.

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And there's lgbt rep! One of the ponies has lesbian aunts!

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Children's media has come such a far way this year, shera, tdp, and even Arthur as well as this now have rep! Last month, Mr.