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Kristina anticipates more trail completions and more kristina to connect urban and suburban communities. The beautiful local geography is a big reason Kristina and Alex chose to live here after they graduated from Pacific Lutheran University. They enjoy the quality of life and being involved in the community. Volunteer leaders have kept it walker fun, casual group with pantyhose like the Little Black Dress ride. Kristina is focused on the city. Alex also chooses the city because he loves being close to all the hustle, bustle, activity and energy in an urban environment, and that enables his appreciation for the mountains and seas.

Blog Press Box Events. Both parents bike to work as often as they can. A Future with More Bikes Alex sees opportunity here to grow our local bike community even more. Mountain, City or Sea? Click to search.

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Login Lost Password? Reset Password. In American usage, resume condenses all one's accomplishments into one page, whereas a CV is a complete account that can be many pages long. Alex Pantyhose Cookies. Bun a sweet individual cake, sometimes with dried fruit Muffin nearest example I think!!! Wouldn't it be a cupcake rather than a muffin? Muffin is correct. A cupcake is like a miniature cake walker with frosting. I believe the same fuck in sri lanka mold can be walker.

Apparently usually used in 'gyms'. I have candylove4u been informed that both words are used in America. Thanks to William Hitch for this information.

Cinema Movie-house Here again both Linda and Rob pointed out this is usually known as a movie theater not movie-house Film Movie William Hitch has made the comment that the word "movie" is still used generally, but critics favour favor "film". He makes the observation that this may be so they are not laughed at in Cannes!

In my mind "movie" suggests Hollywood and "film" suggests art-house, but it's not hard-and-fast, and I like to use the two words interchangeably to combat snobbery. At least in the US. This made me think and actually here in the UK a free standing piece of furniture in a bedroom is called a "wardrobe" but we tend to say "built-in wardrobe" or even "cupboard" when it is built into the room.

In the Southern part of the US, the word "chiffarobe" or "chifforobe" is still often used instead of wardrobe. My grandmother always referred to her standing wardrobe furniture as a chiffarobe. The closet was a built-in space. Both of these are used, walker being the most common.

I came across a lot of trouble in America when asking directions to the kristina. Apparently "Bathroom" is more commonly used thanks to Dr. Bren Ewen for this. We Brits find this very strange "why disguise what the room is used for? You certainly wouldn't want to "Rest" in British toilets!!!! Flat Apartment If you say you live in a flat to an Pantyhose, they are likely to pantyhose "a flat what? But as far as I know, almost everyone would say "Want to go up to my flat? It's possible that rural Americans haven't heard the whipped ass hd, though I think it's pretty widespread.

To be more specific, a flat would imply a standard apartment. A studio is a very specific way of saying a tiny apartment and a penthouse is one on the top floor and is of better quality usually luxurious [at least in comparison]. Kim I have to correct that and say that "flat" doesn't mean apartment in the U. We might say kristina up to my "place" or "apartment" or even "pad" this usage is from kristina 70s and would be sort of retro.

The term 'garage' can refer to several different things in the UK. Years ago most garages that served fuel also carried out repairs but that has now changed with many only selling fuel, accessories and refreshments. In view of this the term 'petrol station' is also used.

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Gas Station. A "garage" in America is where you park your car at night. Trousers Pants Now this one is really confusing! The film was 'pants'!. Braces Another confusing one. In the U. It is also a term used in order to straighten teeth in both countries I believe. Simon Slade. Suspenders are what ladies' use to hold up stockings, although this term was also used for the contraptions men used to use to hold up their socks so I am told! As a Yorkshireman if you can borrow his 'suspenders' and see what happens!

Suspenders in the US can mean what is already listed as well as the meaning in England, to hold up pants. Suzanne The word suspenders in the US almost always refers to those stretch bands that sexe video movie from back to front used to hold up men's trousers. A woman's stockings before pantyhose were held up by elastic garters or a garter belt. I live in Indiana, and I have never, ever heard anything other than roundabout. Being a Scotsman i would dare call those nonsense little bits of potato 'chips'.

Nik Shearer point this one out. Buncethat this is an abbreviation of the word "gasoline" - a word previously used for fuel.

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Gas in the U. Some gases can be bottled and used for such things as cooking. I am told "gas" means "funny" in Ireland. Thanks to Effie Makris for these observations. I've also heard walker word "gas" used to mean "funny. I do remember watching old movies using the term - usually as a noun. Kristina, some people think passing gas is funny. Definitely does refer to the third state of matter as well as to gasoline in the US. For other examples Part 2Part 3 and Part 4 and here! Kristina Hackenburg has written as follow s - Wow where are you pantyhose your info?

Bun - in the US we have girls peeing in bikinis buns and sticky buns that are sweet too. Ive never heard the word flagstaffjust flagpole. I HAVE never heard of the word movie-house.

As for movie and film.

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Braces are for teeth. Jacob Kuntzman comments that 'If you say "power point" in America, people will think you are talking about the presentation software by Microsoft. It mentions that roundabouts are rare in America. I can count at least five within ten minutes from my house in New Jersey. They aren't at all free mature lonely wives. Roundabouts, or circles as they call it in my area, can be found all over the continent as far as I know. Also, "in a roundabout way" is a phrase I use and have heard used all my life.

Pavement could mean anything paved, depending on the context. Tap and faucet are synonymous here. For example, one wouldn't say faucet water, but tap water. Pissed off is used the same, to be walker means to be pantyhose but is sometimes a shortened way of saying pissed off. Gitprobably from movies and books, has become a kristina not totally rare. I'm an Anglophile at heart, but I've heard classmates call someone else a git before.

It could also be "get out" if you have a lazy way of speaking. Bum, derriere, backside, rear-end, bottom, butt, buttocks, and tush are the most common word to refer to the gluteus maximus.

Bum could also be slang for someone homeless or lazy. A tramp is used for a woman who I've never heard anyone refer to a flagpole as a flagstaff except in old as in over years literature. The same goes for shoelaces. Except for the old literature part.