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Oggy talks a lot for Jack and telling about Monica. Jack has a very cheerful smile face to menbucket carefully from Oggy. Oggy takes Jack by the hand to go cockroaches the living room to explain with slideshow but it can control by remote. Oggy wants to talk about Oggy and Monica's history and favorite. With their parents, his mother was resting when she gave a birth. Oggy and Monica was born as twins. Oggy wants to tell and about playing. Oggy was love by Monica with a cart. Oggy was drinking water oggy he was as a child.

As a child, Monica was playing swinging horse and Oggy drink a the of milk. As a teenager, Monica was wearing a braces and other accessories, riding a white horse. Oggy is also wearing braces but he rode reverse and he was clawing the black horse. He is laughing when he was a teenager. As a adult, Oggy and Monica were playing tennis.

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Monica was not harming and Oggy is harming a tennis racket. Oggy touch the control a long time until morning without sleeping.

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Oggy didn't try when explaining but Jack tried very hard. Oggy is telling about his favorite of sausage. Jack is bored in his explaining. Monica gets exercise but Jack heard her skate.

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shower tease Monica was whistling and go to the fridge. Jack see her open the fridge and she drinks milk a lot until three times. Jack saw Monica and she invite Jack to play but he is very happy to her. Jack leave from Oggy without sound. Jack and Monica get closer and Jack see her skate but he wants to ride skate together but Jack find an idea to have a skate.

Jack go to the storage to find the skate. He finds the skate under the cockroaches sleeping. Then they crashed the wall by Jack to step aside. Jack wear a skate from storage. He was running with the skate to Monica. The cockroaches were very angry to see Jack. Jack is bad for skating but Monica is good on skating.

They laugh at Jack and Monica playing. Monica is skating with Jack but Monica is fastee than Jack. Jack wants to chat with Monica while they were skating.

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He can't be balanced of skating and she look at Jack but he was fine. Jack looks funny but pepper foxx is fine. She is happy for Jack. The police get to look for Monica. Then he meet the police because the position is incorrect. He grip the police's shoulder. He spited by the cockroaches oil and he claw the police's clothes.

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Then Jack closes the police's clothes. Then he get beaten public cmnm the police. Monica can't hear anything that where is Jack now. At the park, Monica is doing acrobat and Jack see her doing with chat. The cockroaches tried to harm Jack with fireworks. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie.

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