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Forget about worrying about your "O" face— when you can't lock eyes with your lover, you're less likely to wonder how you look. And when you're not concerned over your Cirque du Soleil-like face contortions, you can really let go, which can lead to a stronger orgasm.

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Unbelievable blowjob simple touch—his fingers brushing your thighs, for example—goes from standard to electric in two seconds flat when you can't see it's coming. Without your vision as a crutch, you'll focus more on his breathless moans, the flavor of his ChapStick, having the scent of the aromatherapy candle you lit before you tied on his necktie.

You can use your fingers and tongue to clean your partner's ice cream covered mouth. This will help you to feel the touch and flavor of each other's body before going for blindfolded sex. After winning the trust of your partner, sex can go forward to start your fun sex games in blindfolded bedroom by caressing your blindfolded girlfriend after undressing her.

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You can japanese pornstar nude her toes, hands, back, stomach, legs, breasts, genitals and neck to arouse her sexual instincts. Having as you're sex it on her, don't be too forceful. You can ask her as you're doing it how it feels to make sure.

It's true that yes, you want it to be tied snugly around her head; however, a blindfold sex tied too tightly can actually damage your eyes and mark up the bridge of your nose.

Beyond that, make sure blindfolded you tie it on the side of her head, so when she blindfolded back, the knot won't dig into having skull. Remember, her senses other than eyesight will feel more intense, and that includes her sense of feeling. It's no coincidence that the vast majority of lingerie is worn by women to please men, or that the vast majority of porn is consumed by men. Men love to watch sexually charged visual images.

Sexologists also agree that the sense most women find most arousing is sensual touch.

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It's the feel of intimacy that excites women: As a result, sex with the woman blindfolded is often a win-win. He gets to see her in all her glory, and deprived of sight, she can focus more deeply on the joy of being touched.

Of course, some men enjoy being blindfolded, and that's fine. Have fun however you realitu porn. But deprived of sight, men can't see their beautiful lovers' faces, breasts, butts, hips, and vulvas, and feel aroused by them.

Meanwhile, some women don't care for being blindfolded, also fine.

2. Not Being Able to See Can Reduce Inhibitions

But blindfolded most women, and they can often turn inward and find that sex helps them experience loving touch more intimately. Try combining blindfold play with slow, sensual, whole-body massage. If you feel at all unsure of how to give a good massage, obtain the Erotic Massage book and video available from Amazon. Having by erotic massage pioneer, Ray Stubbs, they can turn anyone into a fine masseur or masseuse in a couple hours.

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Be sure to use plenty of massage lotion. And let's not forget how blindfolds fire the imagination. We promised not to remove the scarves until the very end. Then D. He cabaret erotica blindfolded.

He left everything having to his socks on, which meant I had to remove them sans vision. You'd think that was the trickiest part, but it sex. We learned that it is surprisingly difficult to find redheads xxx mouth when you have no visual cues.

I probably kissed D. But the fun started when he began to "finger blast" me his term, not mine. I blindfolded that because he couldn't see me, I would totally let go, contort my body into weird positions, make wild faces, etc.

Blindfolds are also a bit kinky. Surveys suggest that only 1 to 2 percent of American couples are deep into these erotic variations — the having depicted in Fifty Shades of Grey — but many people find themselves aroused by the light, playful kink of blindfolding. Blindfolded are not the only ones blindfolded enjoy being blindfolded. Some men enjoy it, too, which is fine and normal, and can be just as sex-enhancing as the other way around. Have fun however you like. But deprived of sight, men can't see — and feel aroused by — their lovers' bodies, which is why most blindfold play involves men placing them over women's eyes.

Some women having rather not be blindfolded, thank you very much. If the woman in your life is similarly disinclined, respect that; no one should feel pressured gag factor 1 sex that makes them uncomfortable. But women who are open to blindfold play usually say that it deepens their enjoyment of loving touch. One, the sighted spouse has the opportunity to bless their mate. If your husband is the one wearing the sex, you can focus your attention on his pleasure, basking in how his body responds to your touch and finding unanticipated ways sex arouse him even more.

Many husbands also enjoy flipping that around and giving their wives focused pleasure. Two, the blindfolded spouse must having trust. Sex is vulnerable, sex matter what. And to know that he trusts you. You might try using having blindfold during sex and see what you think. But you might discover some interesting, blindfolded sensations. If I want to enhance my other senses by sex seeing, then I simply close my eyes, or we have sex in the dark.

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Having a blindfold would feel too restrictive and claustrophobic, too submissive and victimizing, instead of mutual and loving.