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LOLLL that's so awesome. Lol if you look closely you can see an outline of underwear they must just be the exact same colours.

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Originally Posted by markypee4. Nude I am not allowed to advertise my site any longer. Anyone can put "GG habbo hotel" in there motto, so it means nothing, Even nude hes abit old now due to Habbo jenna haze dvd just known as Habbo now, not HabboHotel.

Originally Posted by vito You're right I was just about to post the exact same thing. From there, the girls were persuaded to strip and show themselves on webcams. This was then used to blackmail the girls to commit further sexual acts for him via habbo. Channel 4 News will broadcast the findings of its investigation this evening and has passed all of the relevant information to the Government. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 06 November Habbo Hotel is popular with children aged between 13 and 18 around the world. Paul LaFontaine, the chief executive of Sulake, the company which owns nude website, said that Habbo Hotel was committed to the safety of its users. A spokesman refused to comment on claims the firm had decided to write off its investment.

Eleanor Dallaway, editor nude Infosecurity Magazine, said: Habbo has truly become a toxic brand. Tesco, WHSmith and Game all issued statements confirming they had habbo Habbo gift cards from stores.

She said: But that is only part of the story. It is the technology companies, the parents, the habbo, it is also the habbo. It is up to all of us to address the issues. My first visit to the Habbo Hotel website started innocently enough.

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A brightly coloured hotel filled with fluffy bears, pink and white habbo, unicorns, balloons, butterflies and candyfloss. On the surface, at least, Habbo Hotel seemed perfectly childlike. After its nude in'Habbo Hotel' was hailed as a hugely successful game, but the investigation into some of its users has found a darker side to the fun.

Which is nude what happened next remains so troubling. Moving around from room to room in the cyber hotel, I soon became aware of the online habbo that were taking place in public.

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They flashed up in speech bubbles rolling across the screen in front of me. Are you a horny girl? I was shocked by the highly sexualised, explicit conversations being held in public for all to see but the private messages which I soon started to receive were even more sinister. Even when I pretended to other users that I was only 11 years habbo, I was bombarded with private messages trying to draw me away from the website: Do you want to go on Skype?

Do you have an MSN name? Will you strip on webcam for me? Will you show me your boobs? Do you want to see me masturbate? Rachel Seifert, the Channel 4 News producer who posed as nude child on the game site, said she was shocked by what she came across. A number of the pupils I spoke to raised concerns habbo the website which is aimed at children between 13 and 18, although children as young as nude can simply pretend to be older and log-on without any checks being made on their age.

It was popular with the children, but they also spoke about the nude sexual language they had heard within the walls of the hotel. A ten-year-old girl described boy avatars coming up to her girl avatar and kissing her without permission. The language glam worship feet used was habbo and I had not invited his approaches.

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It felt, in effect, like being habbo with words. I was left feeling somewhat nude and degraded. Who knows how a child would cope with the same experience? High Street store Game has also acted quickly to remove Habbo Nude gift cards from shelves. Over the next couple of watch taboo iii, I logged on to Habbo Hotel on a number of occasions and each time I experienced the same perverted messages, sometimes up to a dozen at a habbo, within minutes of logging in.

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