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I'm pretty sure that most strip joints in Sweden have a bad reputation. They overcharge customers and rip them off. Another one was involved with trafficking of women from overseas. I really wish there was a Swedish female version of the Chippendales, stripping with a sense of humour and not done like it's a sleezy thing.

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Any burlesque places around? Post 9. The club of my local goteborg me if I would be interested in buying a cute teen hot porn for a laydeez nite if he got a stripper troupe in, so there must be something in that line available. I declined politely. Post Yeah but that's for women though I meant like women stripping for fun and done better than goteborg sleezy places. With class. From what I have see of the Chippendales they are not sleezy or poor Eastern European girls who sell their beaten up bodies on the side.

Sorry, missed the word 'female' or perhaps it just didn't compute so my brain ignored it. Er, does Sweden have a Roly Poly girls equivalent? Dave, be very warey! Word on the street, like it was earlier mentioned, is most of these places are run by organised criminals club from former Yugoslavia or whatever it was. And they don't mess about! In the heart of Gothenburg, we welcome you to an strip evening….

We have attracted our guests with our beautiful and nice staff for strip 30….

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My two favorite dancers Stella and Hanna are the best and I hope I can come by again soon to see them. Jenna was also a amazing waitress and very cute.


Add Your place. Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Gothenburg. Strip clubs in Gothenburg have their own style. Sweden is a quite conservative country. The feminist movement has had a big influence on legislation and the way any part of the sex industry operates. Clubs have to operate under very strict guidelines with how dances work and what goes on within these sessions.

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The girls are very mixed when it comes to quality. Personally my taste is skinny European and that's hard to find, maybe one or maximum two on a night. The rest are rather fat Goteborg or Southasians, or the kind of girls you'd never pick up in a bar.

There's westcost production dance every minutes depending on the time of the club, and between dances all the strippers walk around asking for private dances strip shows. All in all, far too unclassy. Read more. I think Wandas has improved lately.