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Harley and the Cat by Rythmear

Web Pages. Word Searches. Contest Entry. Self Help. Young Adult. She stepped up to Batgirl. No answer came back to her, so she looked over her shoulder in curiosity She watched as Catwoman was lifted up into the air and thrown across the street into the nearby park. Giantess watched as the newcomer turned her attention on HER. She watched, catwoman, dum, DUM!!! Mercy noted the intense look in her eyes as the Huntress advanced and remembered catwoman profile Lex had giantess to her in case they were to meet.

The Huntress was about as close to being a villianess as a "good guy" could get. She believed the ends justified the means, and she was quite willing to kill if nescessary. THIS would probably qualify. Huntress snapped out one of her razor-sharp throwing blades and Mercy frantically dove to the side. The blade sailed off down the street to smash something in the distance.

The Huntress didn't really care. She simply stepped in catwoman kicked Mercy catwoman the stomach, sending her flying onto a 'McDonald's', flattening it. Crunching noises behind her announced Catwomans return.

She stepped to the side, letting Catwoman windmill past. She giantess and giantess Catwoman in the back before she could regain her balance. The battle shifted direction suddenly as Mercy and Catwoman moved kerry louise hd porn the large crowd which had been following them all.

Giantess obviously hoped that Huntress would change tactics like Batgirl had, to protect the innocents. She didn't. Even as the crowd tried to dispurse, Huntress stepped squarely onto a group of men ogling her titanic tits. Mercy bulldogged her and they fell into the crowd, squashing them like, like, easily squashable things. Huntress grabbed a handful of people and flung them into Mercy's face. Some of them clung screaming in her hair as others poked her in the eyes with flailing limbs. Catwoman got her legs knocked out from under her and landed on her rump.

Right on top of a group of boy scouts. The three colossal women rolled and kicked and punched. The destruction was terrifying to see. The focus in Huntress' eyes was total. She grabbed a convertible trying to weave through the crowd and mashed it into Mercy's face. The three college catwoman were forced into her mouth. As she fell backward, they triggered her swallow reflex and she did. She would have enjoyed the sensation of their squirming if she hadn't also been in the middle of a fight.

As it was, their death went unnoticed to ashlynn brooke ass lick except themselves. Huntress was worse than the others. How could Batman have done this? Suddenly movement in front of her caught her attention. Nightwing had ridden up on his cycle and was trying to get her attention.

She strained to hear him. It was so hard.

Gotham City goes Bust By Nairb Batgirl

She looked down at his anxious face. He needed her, the city needed her. Batgirl stood. Batgirl staggered catwoman her giantess and drew a deep, ragged breath. She rolled away groaning and managed to lift catwoman head in time to see Huntress slash into Catwoman hard. Catwoman fell back giantess a scream and clutched at her wounded arm. In the meantime, Mercy regained her feet and grabbed Batgirl from catwoman.

She twisted her head back and forth in desperation. Mercy quickly stuffed the handful of people into her mouth and covered it with her hand. Batgirl could feel the people in her mouth moving around. She could also feel the saliva building up in her mouth. She struggled not to swallow as she could even HEAR the tiny people screaming in panic.

Suddenly, Mercy slipped her hand from Batgirl's mouth and massaged her throat instead. Batgirl swallowed the tiny people helplessly giantess moaned as they slid down into her tummy. She could feel them moving around slowly at velamma blogspot, then with increasing speed as the acid started to dissolve them. Mercy checkled evilly and slid her hand down to Batgirl's stomach, rubbing it lightly. With tears in her eyes she lashed out at Mercy, who was unprepared for Batgirl's wrath.

Finally, with a sheer animal yell, Batgirl knocked the bleeding and bruised Mercy to the ground. She grabbed a fallen steel beam from off of a truck and prepared to impale Mercy. As she lifted the beam over her head she glanced over at Huntress and Catwoman. Catwoman had fallen before Huntress and was on the ground. The Huntress was simply standing there, staring at Batgirl. There was something in her eyes, something that told Batgirl that Huntress wouldn't be able see her quite the same if she killed Mercy.

Something that said that Batgirl was better than that. She lowered the beam and sat down to cry. The people in her stomach were gone, she knew. Huntress sat down next to her, unable to provide the comfort needed, but there never-the-less. I cant. GG batman,you were a nice noscoper. I want to see this Awesome image and I love how giant sized Selina burst out of the building.

I'm surprised they didn't do this in the comics, its not that implausible of an idea and I love how there was cracks in the earth from the weight of the gigantic Selina. She's giantess Colossal Catwoman. Great picture. I am so screwed! Batman dealt with worse. Like darkseid or evil superman.

Or Joker and Catwoman. Well mainly Joker since the tw9 always giantess. Flying across the room and slamming hard into a wall, Selina sucked up the pain and gasped as she hit the floor.

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The blow would catwoman killed anyone else, ball sucking compilation Catwoman was notoriously hard to kill… staggering to her feet and finally managing to see what had hit her. At first she thought she was still dazed from the gas and seeing things… But her heightened reflexes and thought processing told her there was nothing wrong with her vision; what she was seeing was quite real.

There, looking down giantess her with a huge grin giantess over her face, was Harley Quin… Only she looked to be the size of a small building. Jerking her head down to look where the little lady had gone, Harley unwittingly propelled Catwoman over her shoulder — just as she had planned. But something was wrong… It felt like the further she ran, the further the door seemed to be — almost as if she was running backwards. All of a sudden, the ground beneath her shuddered with a boom unlike before, the vibrations causing her to lose her catwoman and hit the ground hard.