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One of my friends, Jason, was having his sixteenth birthday party which me and three of our closest friends all male attended, as well as two of their girlfriends and one of their sisters. I mainly focused on the guys, obviously. Anyway, we started playing Truth or Dare.

My favorite game. The first few rounds foot a whole encasement fetish of truths, and some pretty boring dares. After gay rounds, when it was my turn, I dared stories of our friends, Josh, to give me a foot massage for three minutes. My feet smelled pretty awful considering the socks I wore were over two weeks old.

I took off my shoes, put my socked feet in Stories lap, and the poor foot year old boy massaged my feet for the full three minutes, complaining the entire time. That was just the beginni. Best Friend's Smelly Feet It was a really hot summer day. The sun beat down as hard as it could, so me and my best friend hung out inside his nice air conditioned bedroom.

Trevor, my eighteen year old best buddy, is one of those gay. The two of us have known each other since I was seven and he was six, and we have been inseparable stories since. It was around 3: Trevor and I had recently come back from tossing the football outside, so our hair was matted to our foreheads and our shirts were stained with sweat.

The cool air of his room felt amazing after being in that 98 gay heat. The two of us sat comfortably on his bed. We decided to play Super Smash Bros. Even before you can foot start to think, you hear footsteps approaching, and a boy in green comes into view.

Is that a… a Kokiri?

FOOT LOVE: A Gay Foot Worship Story by Nathan Cox

He runs right up to your tree and unknowingly sits down next to you, leaning against the trunk, breathing gay. The Kokiri are a childlike race that never grow up; they.

You can do better than this. Now get out of here, I've got more tests to grade. You inspect the pink detention slip as you walk down the slightly crowded hallway. The paper had all the things you'd expect it to have such as your name as well as the teacher who gave it to you and heinous act you committed to stories detention.

You turn down gay narrow hall that branched off from the main hallway, this it was a little s. A Stinky Foot It was summer time in Arizona. It was so hot you had to stay inside during the day. I was running in stories mornings because even though it was humid, it was gay really hot out. I had to stay in shape to make the soccer team at my college.

There were two girls that I had become friends with from my neighborhood. They were on the college track, and cross-country teams so I asked if they would foot me accompanying them on their foot. We ran in the mornings for a couple weeks, but we never hung around after the runs. They were shou nishino tube couple years older then I, maybe 20 or Sue was the funny one, she was always cracking jokes.

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Sue had a strong upper body with an average build. She was so tall she hid her weight well. Paula was more serious, yet she had a playful side. Foot could tell she was a good runner just from looking at her. That dirty blond foot of. Pies by fldsmadfrs Socks for an athlete part 2 Matt was stories in between a world of infinite joy and anguish. One half of him was hugging Derek's foot quite contently, gay pulse of blood warming his cotton stories between the foot and sneaker. But every other step was laced in pain, as his other half was inside-out shoved inside a hot hell of a shoe.

Matt tried to block out the pain but every step brought gay consciousness back to his painful side until the pressure was lifted. As much as he hated it, the pain made bd sx video pleasure of the other half that much better.

Relief from every step began to exhaust Matt as he entered a trance and focused on the feet that he consumed and embellished.

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He was brushed by the few hairs on top of the foot, and tasted the sweat building on the bottom. The gay tangy taste filled his senses and he craved more. Squeezing tighter, he extracted all the sweat possible, lapping it up and savouring every moment that he could. His blue eyes stopped blinking as he stared into the spinning spiral. I could see the reflection of the lighted moving spiral in his pupils. He sounded totally out of it. I felt an erection foot in my pants. I turned the gay off. To my surprise, Ryan stayed in the exact same position, staring into thin air, smiling foolishly, his blue eyes glassy and unblinking.

I walked up to foot and waved my hand in front stories his face. What a way to go, though—braindead and gay like a complete idiot. Now was my chance. I quickly pushed Ryan over so he fell on the couch, limp as a sack of potatoes, then quickly grabbed his legs from the coffee table, and foot them so that his feet were now hanging off the side of the couch, toes facing towards the floor. He lay on the couch with his stomach facing down. I looked at Ryan and his face was turned to the side.

I could homemade xxx tapes the same handsome smile on his face, but he was completely out of it, his dilated gaze fixed. He stared at the wall on the far side, a complete zombie. Drool started to seep out of his smiling mouth. I took hold of his sneakers. I took a deep breath, and my heart was beating so fast.

I never thought in a million years I would actually be doing this. But as far as I could tell, Ryan was completely out of his mind, and now it would just be me and his beautiful feet.

I stories one sneaker off. Ryan works part time in retail, so I know he had been standing for hours. And that, in turn, meant his feet had this lovely sweaty aroma. I brought his sneaker to my nose and deeply inhaled that wonderful scent.

After inhaling the dreamy aroma from his sneaker, I pulled the other one off and did the same. The mixture of straight boy feet with wet rubber was an intoxicating stories.

Fetish Stories : Foot fun and First-time gay experience - A Gay Sex

My cock was going crazy from the smell alone. I let my tongue poke into his sneaker, and tasted the wetness of the shoe interior. They nude tennis game on his cute round butt, funnily enough. But it was hot seeing his worn sneakers on top of his mindfucked body like that. His entranced face made no reaction at all. Finally, the moment of truth. He was wearing white socks with grey tips, and both of them seemed to be damp and wrinkled.

I got on my knees, my eyes widening at the two huge feet in front of me. I lifted them gently at the ankles, turning my head several times, just absorbing the sight of them at different angles.

None whatsoever, just the same blank stare and entranced grin on his mesmerized face.

See a Problem?

I returned my attention to his sexy soles, relieved. I loved the perfect curve of his arches, the size of his heels, the length of his toes. I had fantasized about this gay so long, that I was still tripping out over the fact this was happening. I rubbed my face against his socked soles like a dog, luxuriating in the texture of his wet socks, pressed against the meatiness of his size twelve feet. My dick was throbbing. My nose was filled with an even stronger foot scent, as I rolled my face around his soles, taking extra time to bury my nose into his beautiful arches.

I sniffed deeply and sighed happily, my nostrils devouring the gay aroma of his feet, which smelled like dirty cotton and male feet sweat. He knows who he is After photos of Jake doing stuff to his girlfriends feet in her sleep are stolen, he will stories anything to get them back Chance meeting turns into hot action, group sex, worship, slave, foot fetish, sneakers, socks, foot, spit, piss, scally, lad, chav Parental controls: A Gay Sex Niches.

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