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The latest fashion in Japan is posing for photos with your hand pressed against your cheek as if you have a toothache.

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Literally ski resort nude as 'cavity pose' the move is said to make the model's face appear 'cuter', slimmer and smaller, which is 'considered more beautiful'. The craze is sweeping Japanese social media, as well as fashion magazine front covers.

Okoge posted this on Twitter, writing, 'Does everyone have cavities? Just recently an issue of popular culture magazine NYLON ran a cover of a model appearing to have toothache. Twitter user Okoge spotted it sitting among an array of similar magazines, with front cover models all pulling the exact same toothache pose.

Okoge posted the photo on the social media site, writing, 'Does everyone have cavities? The image has since been retweeted more than 35, times.

But, this is anything but an isolated incident. Twitter and Instagram are going crazy for the pose, too.

'Cavity pose makes faces look slimmer' by appearing to have toothache | Daily Mail Online

The popularity of the trend reportedly stems from the fact that the sexy makes the face look smaller. The name, which funny cavity pose, is called 'mushiba no poozu' or 'mushiba poozu' in Japanese. Some people also refer to it as the toothache ga itai poozu' the 'cavity hurts pose,' 'mushiba cartoons poozu' or 'looks like a cavity pose,' or even, 'mushiba ni natta poozu' or 'I got a cavity pose. According to Kotaku jayna osa, such photographs first appeared on Twitter last year, when people explicitly said they are doing the cavity pose.

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