Fuck you in chinese

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fuck you - Translation from Chinese into English | PONS

This article is not an endorsement by Live Lingua for swearing. But it is a critical part of communicating in any language, so you might as well learn them now. Here is how to curse in Chinese.

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The verbal expression of frustrations is often the only available way to blow off steam that is actually satisfactory. Even if done quietly under the breath, getting an opinion about a situation, a place, or perhaps a pesky boss off your chest just feels so damn good. You need full-voiced angst to emanate from your being with the force of a thousand suns.

21 Chinese Swear Words That Are Dangerously Explicit (NSFW)

Or worse, losing your job entirely. So you head outside onto the street out front. A moment of fresh air, a chance to unwind before heading back to your desk. And, a chance to yell like hell without the boss catching wind. Still, someone might hear. A coworker could head out for lunch and open the door fuck any moment, spoiling your random vestige of anger and turning your face red you embarrassment instead of rage.

This is the kind of talk that can get a bottle of Yanjing beer thrown at you. For some reason, there are plenty chinese insults in Chinese having to do with eggs.

How to translate 'Fuck you!' into Chinese? - Learning Chinese - Forumosa

This may have something to do with one particular insult that goes back to the Song Dynasty:. Not quite offensive as the others, this one can be used without fear of causing a fight. I use this to ward off hawks and beggars on the streets, especially around big tourist attractions where they refuse to leave you alone.

There are also tons of curse words in Chinese that have to do with sex, prostitution, genitals, masturbation, etc. As such, be careful when you go to the local vegetable market to inquire about sexy bliss tv or not they sell tofu.

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Do you have tofu? You catch my drift? I hear people in Beijing saying this all the time.

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I wrote a post about this one and a while back, which you can find here. In fact, you may find yourself in a hospital or a Chinese jail.

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Linda Um cursing in chinese is rude fuck abusive.