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Thank you so much! Anonymous January 10, at 5: Hero July 3, at 4: Mugetsu September 21, at 6: Anonymous July 19, at 2: Click here to cancel reply.

Popular Latest. Dick Gumshoe's Night Attack. Recent Comments Mugetsu: Bruno Richmond: Borderlands 2 Publisher: Gearbox Platform: It could If you do have the files, i would love to have them. You have courtney trouble porn files still?

Umbrella jacket. The "Real" Snowflake: White Siberian Tiger. Kijuju Survivors Release Thread. Case Zero Bowling Shirt Reskin. Chuck got a Buzz Cut! Chuck with Black hair. The ProBoards modding community no longer uses Texmod; see Mod: Create Reskins instead. Performance Mod Lower Res Textures With Texmod. Notebook look for Lulu Barra. Frank west.

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Urban Camo Jacket. DarkShadow Chuck Greene. Rebecca New Suit. Undead Chuck. Swat to "S. K24UK reskins Pack 1. Jeans and Tatoos. Stacey Recolor. K24UK reskins Pack 2. Chuck Yamaha jacket. Chuck's Honda racing jacket. Jhonny retexturing for model exchange.

Dead Rising 2 Nude Twins Boss and Main Character Replacement - Nudefix

Keyboard icons. Playstation Buttons Textures TexMod. Backup of all mods in Model Modifications - to Feb 19, Play with all four DLC outfits. The Huge Mod-change into all male characters. The Huge Mod 2 - Chuck's a Chick. Survivor Outfits.

How to Get Nude Chuck Greene in Dead Rising 2 - Baragamer

Use the two huge mods above to play all males and females at once, except for the three currently broken cutscene and voice survivor mods. Play as Militia. Play as Hangerman. Play as Deviant Bride. Play as Brittany. Play as LuLu. Play as Soldier 1. Play As Katee. Play as Europa. Play with Backpack.

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Play as Sullivan. Play as Heli Pilot. Play as Randy. Play as Soldier 2 Balaclava. Play as The Twins. Play as Andy. Play as Rebecca. Play as Kendall karson brazzers Chuck. Play as Sgt. Leave this window open and accessible, and in another window to the side, navigate to: Drag the npcs.

A black box will pop up; wait for it to go away. Back nude the original banana hammock files. Copy these files into: Now they are backed up and you know from dead path where to put them back if things go wrong or the nude is not for you.

Overwrite if prompted to do so. Tools rev Rename the original npcs. Enjoy your naked Chuck Greene. The nice thing about this mod is how it actually goes all the way mods passed the juicy rising. Side note: If any original author request there mod removed I will take them down. The only reason why I'm uploading these here is because they were originally on nude creators and would like to preserve them, nothing more. I take no credit for these mods. This Mod is in our Database. See here: There are trainers out for it that can remove the timer.

Awesome, I've been waiting for this! That Rebecca model swap looks fantastic. Oh god.

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