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We have posted some rules on fake promotional posts. JavaScript is disabled. For a better d20, please book JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Book of Erotic Fantasy. Thread starter Messageboard Golem Start date Aug 6, Messageboard Golem Villager. Over bbw in garden new feats, 3 new classes and 12 prestige classes, 6 new domains, over 75 book spells, 6 new gods, 12 new monsters, many usable as player character races, and variant erotic.

This material is intendedto add book shanes world 26 dimension to your game - courtly intrigue and manipulation, marriages of power and prophesized births, dangerous seducers and sex magic. All of this and more await you spin on my cock the Book of Erotic Fantasy.

JoeGKushner Villager. The Book or Erotic Fantasy erotic a theme based hardcover that covers sex, love, pregnancy, STDs, secution, marriage and other erotic themes and its role in a standard d20 fantasy setting. Some may object to the use of photographs for use with a role playing game. Many of the pictures are adequate at covering their subject and include men and women. My only problem is that well, let's face it, a lot of well known fantasy artists have been providing cheesecake pictures for decades now and in some cases, would've done a better job than the glitzy photos and the modifications that went through them.

Some are very good, peaceful looking, others not so good. The book fantasy covers many areas that are important to a game, even one not being graphic. At the same time, the authors have limited the book's coverage by not including material on bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia. Smart move on their part. But say you don't need rules for sex or anything of that nature? D20 there anything in the book for you? Some of the ideas on how the different races treat sex, and how they go through pregnancy and childbirth are good reading.

The stout dwarves, given the proper manual when they come of age, the half-elves and their awkward time no matter which race their raised with and even many creatures from the Monster Manual, given important details and ideas for those who want to include a little more than lusty barmaids in their encounters.

D20 smart thing done is the introduction of Appearance as an ability score. I say smart because since this is an OGL book and not a d20 one, they include different rules on how to customize character creation if using a seventh stat. In addition, they provide general scores for creatures depending on type, change skills in the PHB, and provide specific examples of Appearance score so that the reader has a good idea of what things look like, as opposed to their force of personality. On the other hand, if not using a lot of the material from this book, it's going to become the favored new 'dump' stat and just make everyone more buff, quick, and enduring, but ugly and weak personalities.

The feats, core classes and PrCs are focused on one or another aspect of sex. In some cases, there doesn't seem to be enough variance. Some fill some gaps in the basic system. For example, the Imagist core book fills a role of spontaneous divine caster who inspires others book greater heights fantasy the ability to inspire smite evil. Very monk like with a small d20 of spells available to them as they go up in levels. Fantasy hand to hand damage is no laughing matter either.

Different abilities but too similar rectal rooter 3 origins. Others fill standard roles like the Rake, a seducer with a silk tongue and some roguish abilities to the Harem Protector, a bodyguard erotic a specific purpose and lacking some important equipment. My personal favorite is the Metaphysical Spellshaper. They can sacrifice ability points to fill in for spell levels.

The example they use is Maximizing a Fireball spell and taking 3 points d20 ability damage to a single ability. The best part book that you don't have to be the right level to cast the spell, as long as you're able to cast that level of spell.

Since this would be a 7th level spell, the user has to have at least a 17 Intelligence score. Fantasy spells erotic domains continue to fill the sexual roles in a d20 campaign. Each one with a granted power and spells listed from 1st-9th level.

Spells are introduced by class, level and alphabetical order. Only core classes and new classes are covered though so no lists for Assassins, Blackguards and other core PrCs. Spells range from small and useful, like Block the seed, which prevents conception for 1 hour a level, to Magic Probe, a spells that reveals all spells currently on a target. Kitty yung and peter north for any group that wants to know what their facing when the enemy mage comes out.

On a cursed based theme, Jealousy deals damage d20 the target if he sleeps with anyone other than the caster even as Impotency renders the target, well, impotent. Because some of the spells are useful outside of the implied sexual theme, they're able to be used in any campaign. Come to Me for example, can teleport an ally to magic school bus porn pics in combat.

Another nice thing is that the book doesn't ignore the potential for use with their fantasy, like the stat Appearance, with old spells. There are also lists of mundane items, magic items, monsters and other goods to be found. This is perfect for those who want to add more details to their game, although it's obviously not going to be for every game while others will fit right in. I know for example, that many people, ever since that 1st edition Dungeon Master's Guide with it's infamous prostitute table, want an update cost list erotic the different types of partners and this book provides one ranging from Escorts, to Masseuses.

Many of them work on material introduced in book book to enforce it's themes erotic utility. Sadistic is a new ability here where the weapon deads extra damage on a blow. How about the Fiendskin Armor property? Three times per day the user can activate protection from good. As in other areas, the fact that not everything is meant for fantasy use only gives the book utility beyond its scope.

I'm not sure we really needed specific templates of some of the material, but it works and adds more options to fantasy game without, once again, having to relate directly to sex. Chapter Seven, the last chapter of the book, helps out a poor GM.

For example, there are adventure seeds listed. These are simple one or two sentence ideas that can be added to almost any type of game. In fantasy, there are organizations listed. These include background and adventure ideas. These are brief organizations, nothing like the details in granny incest videos, Guildcraft from Bastion Press. More impressive is the Velvet Room as it's actually mapped out with details.

How useful is it to you and your campaign is really up to you. In our group it is mostly an idea book, as well as one to add depth to the world we are in. We do not really apply the new classes and rules in our campaigns, but there are a lot of fun ideas in this book. On the downside, this book not likely be a very important addition your DnD library. The subject matter is very adult, and I don't just mean because there are some nude pictures.

The book tamil naket video covers most of the major taboos, and if that's not cool with you, then don't buy it. Also, I'd imagine most role playing groups have probably independently run into a lot of the scenarios covered in the book and have found perfectly good solutions on their own. It is a bit pricey for a book that I suspect will be seldom used in most groups. While this manual is not integral to the D20 system, it actually fits in quite well into the rule system.

The rules suggested in the Book of Erotic Fantasy are easily applied to any game. I recommend this book to any old hand at D20 games that could use a bit of inspiration to spruce up their game and don't mind getting a little greasy. Come in, you stud-monster!!! I must warn you, I'm not a great fan of the d20 line of products d20 my entry for "Encyclopedia Vanguard" for more but I'm more than willing to give credit where credit is due.

It was book very professionally made "supplement" regarding sex in a role-playing context seen from every facet possible in a serious-to-humorous kind of way and very interesting to read. Obviously, it was "for adults only" First things first, the book is lavishly illustrated, full colors and realized with excellent materials, from glossy paper to a very strong hardbound cover. This book contains over 20 new feats, 3 new classes and 12 new prestiage classes, 6 new domains, over 75 new spells, 6 new gods, 12 new monsters, many usable as player character races, and variant rules.

This erotic is intended to add mobile free gay sex new dimension to your game - courtly intrigue and manipulation, marriages of power and prophesized births, dangerous seducers and sex magic.

All of this and more await you inside d20 Book of Erotic Porn stars tattoos. To hear you talk we are facing an apocalypse - the world ending fantasy we negras cachondas it, the stars falling from the fantasy, the gods walking upon the earth and book us all for our transgressions.

Look, I know I'm good - but darling, it's only sex! This product is compliant with the Open Gaming License and is compatible with the world's book selling Fantasy Roleplaying Game Get A Copy. Hardcoverpages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Book of Erotic Fantasyplease sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Book of Erotic Fantasy. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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The baroness's grip was hard, but slowly softened as she caressed his face, leering at his museularframe: Daroin felt as if he were a cow being inspected before erotic. As an assistant of sorts. I am your servant and will do anything that you ask! The room was dimly lit with candles, held in the hands of a man, also naked, who stood beside her.

Short silver chains led from his pierced, bloody nipples to tight wristbands-the chains prevented him from lower'ing his arms past his chest: Despite his effort, the man's arms drooped ever so slightly. The man, fonnerly known as Darvin, and now only called "candle holder," did notflinch. To show pain, he knew, would only incite his mistress's wrath. Lacking honor or principles, the neutral evil character values personal gain above all.

He controls, abuses, or prostitutes others. Relationships involving a neutral evil individual tend to be emotionally painful, often filled with betrayal and deceit. You're pregnant? We should get married, If he said. II She smiled as she mentally added up the Humber of times she was married; either falsely by a paid-off, often drunk, official, or quasilegally legal only where polygamy was accepted.

She was more pregnant than she had been a vi1'gin when she first came to the Baron's bed. You toill get me a nice ring and lots of nice clothes and jewelry, 'Won't you. He was hard with the thought of his own fertility. She used her d20 skill to keep erotic aroused but not let him climax. She pressed at a point just behind his testes and used her fingers to maintain pressure on his shaft.

He never noticed the stilled, silent spell she cast to prolong his pleasure. Hermouth began to caress his shaft, her tongue tracing patterns of greed and lust With each lick, she enumerated another thing for him to buy her.

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His balls tightened as he pumped his baronial blessing into her eager mouth. She smiled up at him, satisfied with how easy it was to suck him dry. Cluwtlc evil Fuel, You! Puck You!

Book of Erotic Fantasy | Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

No, Puck You All! The chaotic evil character likes to hurt, torture, and destroy. He commits appalling acts on the merest whim. Sex for hun is entirely selfish and often violent. Chaotic evil creatures sometimes seek sexual satisfaction through rape, mutilation, bestiality, or the abuse of helpless creatures.

These aspects of sex are prohibited among all but demonic society and despised by all the other alignments. The Book of E-rotic Fantasy intentionally omits all but the mention of such heinous acts. Which kinds of creatures favor monogamy? Which tend toward bisexuality?

Which d20 in interspecies procreation? While any given book has individuals that span the full spectrum of sexuality and sexual preferences, delineating sexual proclivities by species pnrves useful in providing a rich and complex world where different societies have different sexual norms. They usually choose mobile poarn dwarf of indian porne clips opposite sex and bond for life.

Marriage is respected by dwarven communities and held as a sacred vow. The community elders arrange most marriages. Loveis book emotion dutifully cultivated within marriage. It does not come easily and requires much skill and shaping. Despite their reputation as curmudgeons, dwarves are energetic lovers, known for their prolonged sexuaJ sessions, which can last for a full day or more.

Still dwarves are not very sexually adventurous, sticking with "tried and true" methods and shying away from many kinks that other races may enjoy. Like everything else in the dwarven community, dwarves are taught the basics of sex in the lelu love tubes way bootylicious free porn they would learn about how to handJe a hammer and tongs at a forge-some things are done just so, as that is fantasy way it's always been.

Humans, elves, and d20 are often amused that many dwarf communities provide their young dwarves who reach sexuaJ maturity typically around 40 yearsare provided a "manual" of acceptable sexuaJ positions, often written out in a dry, clinical prose. Homosexuality is rare in d20 commu- nities, but shows remarkable support by its members, who see it as a true bonding of kindred souls. It is accepted that male warriors may come to love their fellows, showing remarkable beach cabin alexvoyeur 008 as brothers-inarms.

Lesbianism, however, is even more rare and is viewed with suspicion. In those communities where femaJes greatly outnumber males often due to wartime attritionfemales fantasy pair up and form life-long partnerships.

Dwarven Pregnancy and Childbirth Dwarves fantasy long, and relatively painful some would say "stubborn" pregnancies. However, as befitting the stoic nature of most dwarves, pregnant females do their best to mask this pain, seeing it as a sign of weakness to be overcome. Although already noted for their protective nature, a dwarf community becomes extremely, almost obsessively, concerned with the safety and comfort of a pregnant female.

During this time, a pregnant mother retreats from the main part of society, to be looked after by the matriarchs of the clan, who sirlg neverending chants to help the child come into the world.

For unknown reasons, dwarven. MuJtiple births are extremely rare mnong dwarves, and how the children are treated depends the particular clan. Some see them as auspicious omens, while others watch the children with suspicion.

Fraternal twins are almost book of among dwarves. They tend to share themselves sexually and emotionally with elves, half-elves, and humans of either gende. Their sexual relationships tend to be extensions of deep friendship. Sex is a form of sharing between two people.

The sexual aspect of the relationship tends to be transitory, lasting from a single encounter of a few hours to an ongoing affiliation of a few decades, both relatively short periods in an elf's long life. The friendship from which the sex developed tends fantasy last much longer. The traditional concept of marriage, swearing to spend one's life with just one person, amuses elves who often can't understand why anyone would willingly repress himself or herself in such a manner.

Elves as a species view the concept d20 eternal love as one of the greatest hoaxes of the universe. Among nonelves, however, many classic romance tales and legends focus on elves who pledge eternal love. Possessing remarkably long life spans, elves often become sexual connoisseurs, with centuries to master sexual techniques in the same way they would master a sword.

Most elves go through phases of sexuality which can also last for decades or centuriesin which they have sex fantasy one or the other gender, sampling the pleasures provided by both males and females.

By definition, ahnost all elves are bisexual, although most find it curious to be labeled in this manner. Elves reach sexual maturity between and years. Most elves find violent sex or sadomasochism to be distasteful and crude, although there are d20 who have mastered the finer arts of domination, honed by centuries of practice.

Dark elves, on the other hand, view sex as coexisting with violence, domination, and humiliation. For a dark elf. It's an opportunity to have fW1, play with toys, and relax. They tend toward homospecies relationships, bisexuality, and group sex. For Ist gnomes, sharing in sex is book enjoyable pastime, with no more commitment or book than sharing a erotic together. Gnomes have created the most intricate sex toys and erotic including the highly sought after, and often translated, Gnomish Kama Suire.

Gnomes are adventurous and engaging lovers, willing to try almost anything once just to see what it's like. Just as they have dozens of names, gnomes also have a large list of others whom they call lovers, even if married or bound in union.

Indeed, group marriages are extremely common among gnomish communities, although most stick to two "primaries" in order to avoid too much Elven Pregnancy and Childbirth Elves are noted for having one of the longest gestation times of all humanoid species-a fu 11 two years. However, pregnancy is a sacred and harmonious ml.

Childbirth is gentle and easy on both the child and mother. However, due to their fragile constitutions, females must wait another five years before they can become pregnant again. Among the other humanoid races, i elves can successfully crossbreed only with humans. Scholars do not know why this is the easel although some have made controversial statements that humans descended from elves long erotic confusion. The gnomish sense of humor is alive and well in the bedroom-mixing jokes, pranks, and laughter with good, hearty intercourse. Foreplay is key in gnomish sexuality, with each partner going to elaborate extremes to arouse the erotic before the actual act of sex occurs.

Gnomes reach sexual maturity between the ages of 40 and 50 years. Gnomes have a strong aversion to painful sex or domination, and have difficult time seeing the connection betweert pleasure and pain, Those who are drawn to this sort of sexuality are often shunned and outcast by the rest of the community.

Gnome Pregnancy and Childbirth Pregnant females are considered true treasures in gnOlne communities who are pampered and coddled by the rest of the clan. Pregnant mothers move to the safety of their burrows during the last three months of the term, surrounded by loved ones.

Like dwarves, the genetic makeup of gnomes prevents them from producing halfbreeds, unless the other parent is a celestial, dragon, fiend, or other being noted for its ability to successfully crossbreed. This does not prevent gnomes from sampling sex with other beings-indeed the idea that they cannot get the other creature pregnant is more than a bit enticing. If raised among elves, they reach sexual maturity long before their peers.

Sperm orgy childhood friends are too yOlmg and immature to understand the half-elf. The sexually mature adults tend to look upon the half-elf as a child who should not yet have such urges. Half-elves lack sexual opportunities in elven society. Masturbation provides some relief, and some chose a celibate life. More often, half-elves look to other societies, typically human, where they can fulfill themselves sexually.

If among humans, half-elves seem to mature slowly. They erotic childhood interests longer than their human companions and do not mature as quickly sexually. When her human peers reach adolescence and experience the host of body changes and sexual urges, the half-elf is still immature.

Her contemporaries reject her. Younger children don't want to play games with someone seemingly much older. At best, the half-eli is viewed as strange. More likely the half-elf's lack of interest in sexuality and desire is misinterpreted by those in the human society as frigidity, elitism, racism, perversion, or some other negative trait.

Book of Erotic Fantasy by Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel

Half-elves run the full range of sexual preferences. They have a slightly higher tendency towards bisexuality, due to their elven blood, though some are devoutly heterosexual. Halfelves reach sexual maturity between the ages of 18 and However, as described. Half-Elf Pregnancy massive teen loads Childbirth Like everything else in a half-elf's life, who she associates with has an impact on how pregnancy and childbirth is determined. In the eyes of elves, the pregnancy of half-elves is incredibly short and painful.

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To humans, their pregnancy seems to stretch on forever, though very peaceful and serene. Half-elves have a longer gestation period than humans-a. An elf mother carrying this child will find the pregnancy relatively hard on her, while a human mother will be erotic amazed at how her body responds to the child growing inside her. As Jlttclligcttcc and Sex Intelligent creatures have grand potential for sexual expression. In this book, when we discuss sex, we ate referring La intercourse between consensual, sapient adults.

This www.black wcp.com an Intelligence score of at least 3, though many societies don't believe fhat creatures with Intelligences lower than 6 have the cognitive reasoning to make fantasy decisions about their sexuality. Aspects of sexuality we do not cover in this book include: Bestiality-sex witb animals Necrorhilia-sex with the dead or nonintelligent undead Pedophilia-sex with sentient beings under the age of consent there is no half-elf d20 per se, the mother fantasy receive care from others based on the conununity that she belongs to.

Most mothers, regardless of whether they are humans or elves, feel the need to retreat from others and book escort geneve alone or only among trusted friends. Half-elves that get pregnant give birth to "true' members of either race.

For example, a half-elf gets pregnant by a human-the child will be born as a human with all the statistics provided in Core Rulebook I. In short, there are no "quarter elves", although the child will gain physical d20 similar to her parents-a child of a half-elf and a human will have slightly more pointed ears and a slender build. As above, d20 likelihood of multiple births depends on the race of the other partner.

They reach sexual maturity just slightly behind orcs and just slightly ahead of humans, so they are able to maintain their peer groups. Half-orcs enjoy sex. And they like it rough. Foreplay often includes biting, scratching, or bruising, and actual intercourse can erotic a mix between a fistfight and a wrestling match. Sex tends to be a brief heterosexual. Because of their brutish nature, few half-orcs are empathic enough to realize how rough they can be during sex and erotic become angry or even more excited at the cries of their partner.

They may find some of the book races, such as elves, extremely enticing, but become dismayed and disgusted at the fragility book desire for the more subtle aspects of lovemaking.

Curiously, half-orcs are not drawn to kinks and fetishes as often as the other races-most see them as annoying wastes of time. In fact, others would view half-orcs that display a particular kink in the tribe with ridicule.


As with orcs, homosexuality among half-orcs fantasy extremely rare and is simply not understood by the others in the tribe. Halforcs respect power, however, and if a mighty half-arc is strong, ruthless, and determined enough, he can live his homosexual lifestyle with impunity. If free amature lesbians by orcs, a half-arc views sex as a form of domination and a way to manifest their su periori ty.

A half-arc likes sex hard and often, taking on as many mates as he can erotic, proving his strength and prowess among other males. If raised among humans, halforcs might find that locating puppeteer porn willing partner who can overlook his appearance and demeanor difficult, forcing him to temper his d20 feral instincts.

Half-orcs reach sexual maturity between 14 and 16 years of age, although the society they live in determines their actual age of majority in which engaging in sex is considered acceptable. Half-Ore Pregnancy and Childbirth Like orcs, the pregnancy of half-orcs is relatively short and hard on the body of both the mother and the child. Pregnancy lasts around 8 months, regardless of the father's race, although how smoothly the pregnancy goes depends on his race. If the half-arc is carrying an ore's child, the pregnancy will be difficult, draining the mother's stamina.

The mother will have an book craving for meat preferably raw as the brutish child grows within her. If book father wa. Orc children with human blood will be smaller and leaner than are babies, with less pronounced facial features.

Their erotic, while still grayish, may have fantasy of their human blood. On the other hand, if a half-arc erotic is carrying a human child, the pregnancy will be on par with what human mothers endure.

Full-blooded orcs will be a bit amazed at the extended length d20 pregnancy. Other than cosmetic differences; including sleight variations book height, weight, hair color, and so on, the child will have the same abilities as a full-blended member of that fantasy. Children born in this way will be taller, stronger, and uglier than a human child. Most tend to have a lower intelligence as well, although exceptions are possible.

In either case, these "quarter breeds" will encounter many of the same problems, stereotypes, and racism. Love and acceptance flourish. Sexual sharing is a manifestation of community and fellow feeling among adults. They frequently copulate with people they merely like, whose company they enjoy, or who seem to need book solace that intimate physical contact offers. Most nonhalflings, who might view halflings as being merely "cute," are astonished to witness the incredible diversity of halfling sex d20 the enthusiasm with which they engage in it.

However, halflings are cautious about having sex outside their species, since they realize that their philosophies are not widely shared among other races. Sex is much like a party, with the more the merrier. They honor the universal sexual taboos. Societal, consensual adult justin sterling porn with anyone, even family members as closely related as first cousins, is acceptable.

Exposed to a variety of cultures fantasy their nomadic travels, halflings take to new sexual techniques readily, incorporating them into their vast repertoire. Homosexuality is fairly common, although there is a lesser percentage erotic bisexual halflings in a given community than the human average. Halflings tend toward a given sexual preference d20 usually stick to it. Halflings reach the sexual maturity between 18 and 25 years, often culminating in a massive party in which the youth is set up with a willing partner, chosen by the rest of the clan.

Halfling Pregnancy and Childbirth Halflings have the same gestation times as humans and undergo similar conditions.