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17 Times Celebrities Went Braless and Freed the Nipple in Sheer Outfits

By Sophie Wirt and Marci Robin. We're pretty sure if Lily Allen could have 73 nipples, she would. Because if she thinks three is fun, why not 70 more? Sometimes it can be mistaken for a mole. Efron denied the nip slip. Ya know, seeing is believing.

Kendall's feminine and flirty dress for summer was totally sheer.

No one knows about that, but no one's ever asked me before. I guess it's about time I got it off my chest," the Titanic star said of his extra nipple, Buzzfeed reported. All members of the triple nipple club. And like some humans, these celebrities have a third nipple or more. One in every people have more than two nipples, according to researchand some have as many as eight nips.

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Let us never forget Lindsey Lohan's playboy shoot. Lindsey Lohan posed as Marilyn Monroe in wearing only a silk dressing gown — she was criticised at the time for having many of her freckles airbrushed out.

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The singer stripped off for German Vogue in February this year in another Marilyn Monroe-style shoot. After hitting her 50th birthday, Sharon Stone graced the cover of Paris Match Magazine in full bondage gear with her nipples on show.

A post shared by Doutzen Kroes doutzen on Jun 5, at When this purse had nipples. Christina Milian accidentally freed the nipple at the L. But who knows.

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I want to believe. When Dakota Johnson's nipples stayed rock-hard for all 2 hours and 9 minutes of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Smh, another unrealistic standard for women, I guess. Keywords lingerie sheer top sheer dress topless free the nipple.

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