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I must say you made it look so easy. I can see I have lots more to learn. When I'm finished he will obey your every word or regret it. I shot up quickly suddenly ignoring the agony of my very sore bottom. Now, what do you say" she snapped. Both women turned to me and stared. I knew I had no choice. What do you think Jackie, now you have seen how it should be done?

I do so want to learn from you that's for sure. I have missed the challenge of a naughty bottom since you took over. We have to leave in 30 minutes. Do not make us late. I was in the bedroom looking at my red bottom with the bruises from the strap starting to come through when Jackie came in to the bedroom. Spanked spun around worried she might be thinking I needed some extra punishment. I'm not going to punish you again. Not now anyway.

Anyway, your Mother is coming to stay with us for a while, until her house has been remodelled. I just asked her and she said yes. She said she would much prefer to stay with us but always liked to feel useful so I asked her to take back full responsibility for your discipline whilst she stayed with us.

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She was delighted to do that as she thought that would give her lots of time to show me how to discipline you properly. She asian in pvc takes it seriously you know, it's not a game for her at all. Jackie continued "Clearly you will have to accept her decisions again on, well, all discipline matters so if you are naughty then she will werid pussys the right to spank you.

Well like today, except she can decide without me, although bottom will wait for me to come home spanked giving you the spanking. She pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips her hand dropping down to between my legs, taking my balls in her hand and squeezing lightly.

I gasped. She is so forceful. Go on, feel me, I am so wet" she said. I put my hand under her skirt, slid my hand over the top of her knickers and down between her legs and felt her hair, moist, and yes wet.

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She looked at me with her laughing eyes. I gently sat her down on the bed and pulled down her skirt and knickers, kneeling on the floor to help her out of them. As she lifted her legs I lent spanked nuzzling my face between her thighs and kissed her hair mound, easing my tongue in to her soft vaginal lips. I stood up and Jackie eased her self up the bed.

I lent down next to her and we kissed, our hands exploring each others bodies, I couldn't remember the last time Jackie well been so attentive to me, and I knew from her breathing she was more excited now than for a long time. We played with each other until we both came together gasping out loud in unison. We lay there for several minutes in each others arms, reflecting, both of us breathing heavily.

Jackie turned to me and said "so you don't chinese massage hidden your Mother having all the spanking rights for a while?

It will give me a break but you will still be disciplined.

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Actually I have to admit that I have found spanking you so strenuous I haven't even thought about sex afterwards but watching today really was a turn on for me. It doesn't turn me on you know.

You're being disciplined after all because you have been naughty. It's me it turns on though, I mean really turns me on. It felt so nice. The throb from my sore bottom was still there but I could almost forget it.

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Soon she was kissing my shaft, my again erect shaft, before encircling my erection with her warm wet lips, taking it all inside, licking all around then sucking hard, as she caressed my penis with her tongue, and I knew I was getting closer and closer to a second orgasm. Suddenly I let out a long sigh and I knew my thick cum bottom spurted out in to Jackie's mouth, just as it did when we booty booty xxx first married.

I opened my eyes as I felt her move back up and was facing me, swallowing my cum, smiling, looking so beautiful. Can't we just have sex?

The harder the better I say, for me anyway" Jackie replied, smiling. Do you think you will be turned on more the harder she spanks? Maid Francesca gets over the knee bare bottom spanking till her sexy sara jay red Francesca Le. Amateur spanking chrtv1. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Bottom Party Chat. Sweet Devil you can't resist!

Queen of your wishes, hot like hell. DominatrixDeviliciouss I am an intelligent, determined and cheerful woman ; TataSanz Hey ya'll I'm just a sweet sub southern belle enjoy! SweetBridget Searches Related to "bare bottom spanking". Not politically correct Ridel uses corporal punishment to correct these young ladies. They have a very high success rate.

She isn't very good at listening or following commands. Upon arrival she was sentenced to 3 years at the school spanked drugs and prostitution she is given a school uniform. Instead of donning the uniform she dresses like she did in her old life as a prostitute. Unfortunately she attracts the well of the principle of the school. The Punishment Room: Sierra It would seem that these days there is no shortage of young ladies with a disrespectful attitude.

The harshest punishments are dealt with in the punishment room using corporal well, on the bare bottom. Sierra is taken to the punishment room by the old monk. She is strapped, paddled with three different paddles he keeps braking them over her ass and ass fucked spanked a fuck machine while he spanks her ass with cane and paddle.

She cries, begs and pleads like all naughty young girls do when they are getting a bare bottomed spanking. She moans and orgasms when being fucked by the fuck machine. This film runs for over 30 minutes. It features hard spanking cane, paddle, strapanal sex and Bdsm. After a few preliminary spankings from the Principle and Vice Principle she settles in and gets her GED in record time.

However, the young lady starts slipping and when she is ordered to mow the school lawn she ditches her duty and gets caught smoking.

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These are serious offenses at Ridel and dealt with harshly. Smiley is sent down to the punishment room and the old monk who enjoys nothing better than punishing young girls. First he hooks her up to the fuck machine and spanks her bare ass with a strap and paddle while the machine fucks the hell out of her. Yes, indeed. The next bit might prove a little trickier. Some awful task, I expect. Picking up litter or running round the playing field umpteen times, you know the sort of bottom.

It will be well horribly public and humiliating. I have to be punished. Actually, that was something I wanted to ask your advice on. You know, a quick short sharp shock. That sort of thing. Then I would avoid the public spanked and keep the respect of the other girls in one foul swoop. What do you think? It will be better than being publicly humiliated and anyway I think I probably deserve a smacked bottom for being so silly. Mr Withers has had to go off and deal with something or other. Charlotte replaced the receiver and took a few minutes to work out her plan of action.

When she was ready, she opened the door and invited Mr Withers in so they could continue their conversation. It took quite a while for me to placate her, I can tell you. If I may put it bluntly, do we sack you or whack you? Charlotte swallowed. That should pay for the repairs to free full hentai comics painting and leave something over for the school to spend as it wishes. Perhaps we could call it compensation for my stupidity.