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At 13, her breasts grew from a C-cup to a DD-cup during the summer holidays. She began to suffer sharp pains in her breasts as well as crippling shoulder and backache.

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By the time she was 14, she needed a size 34F bra. Her stepmother Sandy, 39, a teaching assistant, and father Richard, 44, an electrician, took her daughter 34k see the doctor, who referred Ellie to a specialist. She was diagnosed with the juvenile macromastia and prescribed painkillers and hormones to slow down the growth.

But the drugs failed to work. Months passed and Ellie's bust boobs to an H-cup. The back pain became excruciating. A shy girl who disliked confrontation, Ellie was devastated to find she was soon 34k out by bullies. Classmates gave her the nickname Tittie Tania and accused Ellie of stuffing her bra.

Strangers on the street shouted abuse at her, mocking her for what they assumed were grotesque implants. Ellie suffers chronic back and shoulder pain owing to her breasts, which weigh around a stone, but doctors refuse to operate until she is 21 Painful: Ellie suffers chronic back and shoulder pain owing to her breasts, which weigh around a stone, but doctors refuse to operate until she is 21 At 15, Ellie and her family pleaded with doctors to allow her to have her H-cup breasts reduced.

But because of the likelihood of her body changing further, Ellie was told she had to go milf tag team the NHS waiting list until she was Doctors agree that performing surgery too soon could cause harm to her breasts, possibly damaging milk ducts and making breastfeeding difficult in the future.

Although Ellie has left the school bullies behind, she is still attracting unwelcome attention. She tells Closer that she recently had to leave a work placement in a restaurant after she found a cartoon of herself in the staff room that said "her husband will never need pillows. One observer commented that her appearance is not unlike the dozens of reality television boobs who are the idols of so many young girls today. She says she finds it hard to meet boys, because she gets suspicious about their motives for approaching her. She struggles to find underwear to fit - and has even gone to the lengths of requesting via Facebook that Bravissimo, a lingerie brand that caters for women with larger breasts, open a branch of their shop in the South West.

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I was figuring she'd be fat. I will re-evaluate in a year along with the rest of you.

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A mum with huge breasts which are still boobs is begging strangers to pay for her to have them reduced. Sheridan Larkman, 23, desperately wants surgery which will make have her 34K chest smaller, but she can't afford it on her own. The mum-of-two's boobs started growing when she was just eight years old 34k she was a D cup by the age of ten. She claims she has been dealing with crude comments about them for as long as she can remember and they've caused a series of medical problems including back and shoulder pain.

Woman with 34K boobs that 'won't stop growing' reveals how they've RUINED her life - Daily Star

Sheridan, who lives in Victoria, Australia, went to 34k her doctor when she was 16, when she was a vintage category porn HH, who told her she should only go up one more cup. Speaking to News. The site also reports that she gets messages from men around the world asking her for topless photos. Fed up with her large breasts controlling her life, Sheridan has taken the extreme step of asking strangers to boobs for her surgery. She says: I am 23 year old mum of 2, I have had breasts since around the age of 8.

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